Thursday, December 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: December 2015, Part 2

December: Part Deux

^^Christmas Eve present opening. Hmm, I wonder if it will be matching PJ's?^^

 As we all start to arrive into our thirties, the cute matching pajamas might start to seem a little Grey Gardens eventually, but we are going to keep doing it. 

 ^^First time taking him to put reindeer food out. He dug it. It was 85 degrees and disgusting outside though.^^

^^Tom drew Mason's name for Christmas.^^
^^He was pretty excited and pretty scared of talking Elmo.^^
Oh yeah, Tom's been wanting a paddle board for years, and so Santa brought him one. I had a conversation with Santa and apparently he finally thought it was OK because they are inflatable now, thus not being considered another car in our garage.

^^"So remind me again... This is mine, or isn't mine?"^^

^^So excited for this. Also, it was 86 degrees on Christmas morning. ^^

After Christmas, we had some fun days swimming and going to the zoo and having a generally holly jolly time. 
 ^^Vantage point.^^

^^Coolest bears ever.^^
^^So much love for Doodaddy.^^

^^Such cuties.^^
 ^^Blanco, the albino gator.^^
^^Getting used to carousels again. We love 'em, we hate 'em.^^
^^My baby daddy.^^

We ate at probably the best burger place ever- Bernie's Burger Bus - with Suzy Williams, and had a great albeit short catch-up sesh with her. 

^^These are called rosemary truffle fries. ROSEMARY... TRUFFLE... FRIES. ^^
These pictures are for my own personal torment, only to be looked at when I'm ravenously hungry and filled with self-loathing.
^^Happy new year. Watching all the dudes swim. ^^

My birthday - Ahem, New Years Eve - was spent having the Branning Family's annual New Year's Eve party and we ate all of the bad things and did all of the bad dancing and watched all the balls dropping and my Ma even made my favorite - AND COMPLETELY MANDATORY - pound cake. I ate it, too. 
^^While Tom pampered me in the daytime, Catcher may have snuck this in real quick.^^

^^Sister makeup time, and Taylor T. is a sister for sure.^^

As 2016 hit, Tom and I got into bed and said a big, "What are we doing with our lives?" Not because we didn't do anything with it last year, and I think we even did some good things with it, but we decided to maybe be a little more progressive in 2016. We also decided to be more mindful, more kind, more loving, more courageous, and mostly, more simple. Oh yeah, and to GAIN ten pounds. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that one before. So easy. So much easier than losing 10. So uh, gaining 10 it is. 

Love to everyone and we hope that you're a part of our 2016. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: December 2015


We hit the ground running in December every year, and now that we have a son with an end of November birthday, we hit it even harder, not sure if we run harder though....I have asthma, don't ya know?
This year, I had the totally new and exciting experience of taking a girl's trip at the beginning of the month with my old Hawaii roommate, Tiffany, and my older sister, Ashley. Ideally, we didn't want Vegas to be our location, it just made the most sense geographically and economically. In the future we'd like to do it again, maybe in some place that happiness doesn't go to die. 

Jokes and truth about Vegas aside, this was an amazing trip. Photo proof. 

^^I would have come just for this^^

Ok, so maybe it was mostly  just a food tour of Las Vegas. 

^^Serendipity Doo Dah^^


^^That darn thing just can't help itself.^^ 
^^We stayed in The Monte Carlo, in what must have been termed their Willy Wonka Level. The walls tasted like shnozzberries. ^^

^^More chocolate, please.^^

^^Michael Jackson One was surpassingly great. We were so worried this would be the Chuckee Cheeses version of an MJ tribute and, yowzah! We were so wrong and it was so right. ^^
^^The Birthday Girl^^

Tiffany had to leave on Monday, but Monday was Ashley's B-day so I stuck around to have a sister's bday out. It was fun. 

^^Hash House A Go Go. This was all at once a huge mistake, and also maybe the best decision of my life. Hmm, I can think of other things like that. ^^

^^Bye, LV. You were awesome, and gross, and yummy, and scary, and fun.^^

When I got back, my mom had been watching Catcher for two days while Tom was working, and it was spectacular to see the changes that my absence seemed to spark. He was like a new kid. Very expressive, doing tricks he had never previously mastered, trying to was impressive and a little weird. 
^^Visiting Dad at work.^^

Basically, I've discovered that to Catcher, I'm simply the vessel that brought him here, but he would prefer it if I'd take girls trips and leave him to his business. Glad we're finally being honest. 

While my mom was in town we made sure to enjoy some Christmas festivities, even with the chaos surrounding our upcoming travel to Texas. 

The lights at temple square. 

 ^^Best Christmas card you will never receive.^^
^^Love these so much.^^
The next night we went to do the drive-thru lights at Thankgsiving points, and also, reindeer. 
^^Felt like all of the 80s and 90s Christmas movies I loved so much.^^

^^They were a little languid.^^
^^Hey mom! Look! They're still sleeping.^^

^^Uncle Mason is always there to be his favorite.^^
^^I know it's a broken record, but I love them.^^

Our trip to Texas this year marked the first time we had to actually buy Catcher a plane ticket. Our bank account just whimpered a little. 
^^As soon as we arrived...May the destruction begin!^^
^^The night we got in, there was so much love for Grandadd, or DooDaddy.^^
^^Saw Star Wars. Died happy, but you know, not dead. Also, how horrible are these?^^

^^ #teamturner ^^

^^Real precious, Mas.^^

^^I LOVE last minute Christmas shopping.^^

We basically could wait no more minutes to see Michelle's baby girl, Vivi. We ran to hold this little precious.
Next post? December, Part Deux.