Saturday, December 20, 2008

You are a very beautiful BLOG!

So, here is a blog that I am allowing public access to. It's a Christmas miracle! I am hopeful that I will receive many comments, each and every day. I know - with that said - that the comments will pour in and inspire me to actually keep up with my bloggaloggadingdong (the official term for someone who owns a rad blog).

For my first (and much anticipated) post, I will be relating a tale of recent distress:

My watch is too big for my wrist and as a result it is always facing downward.

Now, I know that this 'trend' is cool among Doctors and select Sk8er Bois, but it is irritating to someone as plain as I. Why can't my watch just cooperate? I bought it in the hopes that it would. But, oh well, isn't the first time that my machinery has failed me. What are your suggestions? What should I do? Because I really like this particular piece of machinery. Wait, can watches be considered machinery? Or is it just an accessory? 'Cause I'm not gonna lie, calling it machinery makes me feel boss. But in the words of Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice, "What are your thoughts"?

P.S) I haven’t NOT worn a watch since I was maaaaaybe 13. Watches are as essential to my person as underwear or a shirt. So, if your answer to any of these conundrums involves me not wearing a watch anymore, that’s a big ‘na uh’. That would be like me telling you that you should no longer wear underwear, pants, shoes, etc. But even as I write this, I realize that several of you would not consider that awkward or inappropriate in any way, and are perhaps even without some of those articles on right now. Sick...especially if you're not wearing shoes. To each his own, and my watches are mine.


  1. wow courtney. What an awesome blog! I know I will def be back. :)

  2. Plain?


    Buy a different strap--one that fits. It would be a whole lot cheaper than a whole new watch.

    Or get fatter. That would be the most delicious solution.

  3. Hahahahaha!

    You are a very beautiful children indeed...not not not mega star about you know who.

    You rock. I can't wait for more posts.

  4. Lol - I miss you Courtney! It has been way too long. And to top it off your blog is definately going to be way more entertaining than mine. I think I might be jealous... :0

  5. Okay, it is REALLY you! You are so comical! Your writing style has such flair to it...reminds me of your younger years!
    Cute title...and yes you are very beautiful children!
    Tell the fam I said HI and give them my love...and Happy New Year to all of you! ♥

  6. I just want to add that I thought I had moved on past blogs - I was happy in my facebook niche, too cool for blogs, not cool enough for twitter (seriously - a tweet? only a twit would tweet, right?), but then I found you, the You Are A Very Beautiful Children! blog, and I fell in love all over again. I think it's time to overhaul my blog subscriptions (probably getting rid of everyone that's not you) and start checking my feed reader again regularly. I'd let it lapse for months and months. But now I'll anticipate new posts. Savor them. Comment on them. Print them out and keep them in a binder. Okay, just kidding about the last one.

    Oh, and I hope by now you know who I am, Courtney, but if it's still a mystery, I'll tell you my nom de plume on my mostly non-existent blog is my middle name, so I'm somewhat onymous when I log in like this (not to be confused with ominous, although perhaps some people would say that about me, who knows).

  7. I do indeed know who you are. Why, you are 1/4 of the coolest band that ever was. Provo still winces at the loss of that band. Anyhow, you're amazing, and I just got to participate in the feast that is your blog and what a treat! I'm so happy that BOTH of us have finally found ourselves believing in the blogosphere again. Because I was with you...I totally thought I was too cool for it, and then one day I realized..."Whoa, what if I am the bridge? What If I am what MAKES blogs cool again?" and then I did.

    Kidding, kidding.....Or AM I? :)

    I heart you.

  8. I can't believe I didn't take the opportunity to say the following (even though I was pretty sure you knew who it was): And who am I? That's my secret I'll never tell. You know, in keeping with our G.G. discussion. Ah well. Thanks for restoring my faith in blogs. You know you could start whatever trend you wanted. ;) ♥