Friday, December 26, 2008

You are a very beautiful HAIR!

I want my mane to grow. I want it to grow and grow. When I was a little girl my mother didn't let me cut my hair. She liked it long and flowing. I didn't care either way back then, but oh, how I wish I did so I could have enjoyed it then. Why is long hair wasted on the young?

I especially like THIS long hair....

And although the smart looking hairstyle on the left is quite functional, no, that's not the one I'm talking about, smart a--um--person?

It's not that my hair is short, or even that bad, it's just that it seems to have stopped feeling the need to progress somewhere along the path towards Giselle Bundchen-dom. I guess it has gotten comfortable. 

That's the problem with being home for the holidays or for any extended amount of time without school or work; I start getting really materialistic and vain and covetous and stop honoring my father and mother, and kill my neighbors.....oh, wait, no, just the first three. I try and keep most of the commandments while on holiday. 

And for those of you who don't know, I recently got a new toy, and I am just a little giddy about it. I will let you guys guess what it is and then send me your speculations. I can offer you a little riddle though: some call it the sweetest fruit on the market. 

Ready? Set? Get guessing!

And as for you, tresses: puh-lease start growing you stagnating pieces 


  1. You got an iPhone. I hate you.

  2. I can't wait to see your Mac! Will you let me touch it? Just once...just to feel how nice it would be to actually have one :)

    I love the Chuck hairdo. You're getting close to that length!

  3. Courtney!!! That's my favoritest show of all time...(besides Lost).
    You got a blackberry?? or an i-Phone?

  4. Answers:

    1. Yes, this is really me CJ. :)
    2. I did in fact not get a iPhone OR a blackberry. I got a MacBook that I am overly giddy about.