Thursday, January 29, 2009

You are a very beautiful GIDGET!

Many of you have probably wondered where my blogger 'posting' name has come from; and many of you have not because you are in the know and/or are so over it.

But this post is for you bloggers who are still in the wondering phase.

So the 1959 film Gidget is a long time fascination movie for me. Ever since I was a little girl, it seemed that every time my family was on vacation THAT film was on the ol' tube. I would want to skip out on shopping, or visiting, or sight seeing or beaching just so I could watch the film, knowing full well the outcome.

Basically, Sandra Dee plays Gidget, a ... well... 'small' high school student who wishes to kick the dust of the town from her feet and take up surfing, just like Moondoggie and Kahuna and the rest of the insensitive, chauvinistic, clueless men in the town. What she finds is disappointment until she is basically hazed and proves herself to be a *reaaaaaal surfer. After her initiation, she is officially called "Gidget" which, in effect, means 'half girl, half midget' (yes, it's one of those affectionate names).

Basically she then finds herself in a love triangle between Moondoggie (her TRUE love) and Kahuna (a slightly terrifying over-aged man who may-or-may not try to get his jollies with The Gidge, even though she's 16 and it's 1959).

Her parents just don't understand. Plus, her mother is young enough to be her YOUNGER sister (not part of the story, just how they cast her) and her dad looks like the living dead. The boys just want to tease her and Moondoggie keeps sending her mixed signals. WHAT IS GIDGET TO DO!? Tune in you crazy cats, and you'll find out.

Basically, I hit high school, watched this film with a few friends, and inherited the name Gidget; mostly as a joke, but probably affectionately, too. I'll take it. After all, Gidget is "...the ultimate!" (as she says MANY times in the film).

This movie is terrible. This movie is politically incorrect. This movie is sexist. This movie is one of my favorite movies of all time!

It's a cult classic around my apartment. I try to watch it once a year, if not three times.

I suggest you all run to the movie store or contact your netflix or whatever the kids are doing these days and get yourself a copy of Gidget (1959), "It will be the ULTIMATE!" (as Gidget says, MANY times in the film).


*not really, it's all green screened and she looks like a dufas. . . but the boys seem to like it.


  1. So, Courtney, that movie is as old as me (see my recent blog) and I do remember watching it as a teen myself. Sandra Dee was "miss clean" of the 1950's (ala the lyrics in "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" from Grease.) You might know that they made a TV series in the 60's based on the movie (and called "Gidget") starring Sally Field. Believe it or not I often got told in college that I looked like Sally Field...and Debbie Reynolds. Weird.

  2. I need to see this movie. I did know the name Gidget and did know Sandra Dee was the character....but I've never seen it.

    Movie night?

  3. HA! I knew it! As soon as you started this blog, I meant to ask you about that name, but I kept forgetting.

    I probably watched this movie half a dozen times when I was young, and I very definitely had a crush on her when I was 11, I think. But it's been maybe ten years since I've seen it. Or more? Shoot, I'm getting old.

    PLEASE tell me when you plan on watching it again--we should get all of our hoity-toity film friends to see it.

  4. Cool you have an AWESOME blog.

    PS This is Cammy Coryn's little sister.