Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You are a very beautiful POSITIVITY!

I'm going to be perfectly content. I'm going to be perfectly happy. Nothing is going to harsh my buzz. I will not let the little things that irritated me for a second today continue to irritate me. I am going to be the cucumber's best friend, in fact, he is going to envy MY coolness. By the way, what about cucumbers is so cool anyway? I mean, we might refrigerate them but we refrigerate A LOT of things. I mean, why couldn't I be as cool as a carrot? Asparagus? Toaster strudals?

Today, after I told my boyfriend of my new life philosophy, he asked me whether or not I have become high, a born-again Christian, or a self-help book enthusiast. He was way off the mark on all guesses. I have simply had an attitude adjustment and a new outlook. Maybe HE has the problem. Ever think of that? Huh?

I thought so.

Well, another day, another gaggle of classes, another blanket of snow, and another walk home in it. Love it! Especially since I get to go home and hopefully get to watch an episode of my guiltiest of guilty pleasure shows Gossip Girl while drinking some hot chocolate!

In the words of G.G herself "You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl."

P.S) For those of you who are inclined to think less of me for watching that show, I have nothing to say to you except that you should search your soul (but mostly your past) and ask yourself if you think you are really free from such indulgences. Again, I thought so.


  1. While I myself am not guilty of indulging in that particular show, I do have a deep down dark guilty pleasure show as well, the title of which I admit to almost none.

  2. lol I can just never remember when it's on... so I haven't seen it before. But go on with your positivity and Gossip Girl-ness. It's all good. :) lol

  3. I have a guilty pleasure show as you know....Doctor Who. It's my geeky indulgence. I wish that I could travel through time and space like The Doctor. Dang, I'm a dork.

    Oh yes, and YAY for positivity!

  4. nice...i too am a fan of the GG...i cant help it..i love chuck bass :)..almost as much as i love reading your blog

  5. Guilty pleasures tend to crop up like weeds. I've got several. This is why I try (the operative word, here) to avoid television.

    But then there's Hulu.

    Stupid Hulu.

  6. I love ya Courtney...you're great ya know that?! lol :)

    I have my own guilty pleasure show...probably worse than GG? But I don't know since I've never seen GG...hmmm.