Sunday, January 4, 2009

You are a very beautiful WALL!

As if I needed more metaphors for my life, I have returned from Christmas vacation to my bedroom that is - for lack of a better word - bare?

Exhibit A:

Notice the bare wall and the cluttered dresser? I keep wanting to clean that dresser; wanting to make it look minimalist and pretty, but for some reason, that dresser accurately describes the many interests, hobbies, and chaos-es-es of my life. I can't think of a more fitting portrayal/tribute to myself. Conversely, I keep wanting to fill my walls with pictures/paintings/ex-boyfriend's locks of hair and elk heads, but once again, I don't seem to get around to it.


It's New Years Resolution time and I have decided that my dresser top might stay 'as-is', but those walls will be filled with either some sort of Martha Stewart goodness, or some counter culture, hipster, too-cool-for-school/you decor.

Have you ever noticed how much stuff you have? Maybe stuff is the wrong word, but since so many people here would be ashamed to read the real word I meant, I will refrain. Seriously though, I just cleaned out my drawers in my room for like 3 hours!!! HOURS! It was insane. Just tons of papers that I have accumulated as a fledgling college student. Some of them I should have tossed a long time ago, some are so important that I can't believe I just stuffed them in some random drawer with other stuff I should have thrown away long ago. It's quite eye opening.

On a very mushy, gushy and promising note, I found tons of cards and letters from friends and loved ones, and I was so moved. I can't believe the amount of people that seem to love me. However, after reading so many of those cards and letters, I CAN believe how many people I love and just how much I do. You are all amazing people and I'm so incredibly confused about how I deserve to know you.

What a nice way to begin a new semester/year. I suggest you go through your drawers. It could depress, but it just might inspire.

P.S) New blog layout = I love cupcakes. A LOT. And I do not have a New Years resolution to discontinue my love/eating of them.


  1. Oh the ex boyfriend's locks of hair or the elk's heads sounds so you-much better than the Martha Stewart goodness!
    When you get it decorated, I'd love to see those walls!
    And for goodness sake, we love you because you are amazing and incredibly talented!

  2. Wow, I made this exact resolution!... minus the "boyfriend" part and whatever "girly stuff" I looked over...

  3. You have drawers of stuff - I have boxes of stuff. Boxes and boxes. My spare room closet is full, and there are more that don't fit in the closet. Why oh why am I such a pack rat? And I also have a mix of junk and worthwhile stuff - some of it should have been thrown away years ago, some of it is important but I don't know where it is.

    But the good news in that paragraph is: I have a spare room! And it has a bed! Not yet overrun by boxes! Perfect for out-of-town visitors!

    Oh, and my walls in my apartment are bare. I haven't put anything up in the four months I've been here. I did hang strawberry curtains in the living room though!

  4. oooh! very promising! And umm, I'd love to be one of those out-of-town visitors. That would make me very happy! Don't the words, 'spare room' just give you goosebumps? I mean, there's something about saying it that fills me with hope.

  5. I would love it if you visited! Oh the fun! I agree, there is something magical about a spare room. Look at the treatment it's gotten in children's literature. Anne Shirley is so enthralled with the idea of staying in a spare room that she and Diana run and unknowingly jump on great-aunt Josephine, and of course Mr. Tumnus thinks Lucy comes from a city called War Drobe in the country Spare Oom.