Thursday, February 12, 2009

You are a very beautiful ROM-COM LIFE!

My life. Oh boy, my life.

Every time I think it's starting to mellow-- thinking that I am a rational adult with rational things happening to me -- I behave irrationally and incredibly irrational things happen to me.


My life is, in fact, A ROMANTIC COMEDY!

The best part is that this isn't a 'me-centric' thing. Oh no. Because if my life is a romantic comedy, than we are all the players.

Sure, in my particular romantic comedy I guess I would have to be the protagonist (or one of them, because I'm not always driving the action), and yes, it means that many of the people I know are either the villains, the sidekicks, the parents, or the love interests.

However, before this gets too 'me' centered, think about it: you're the protagonist in the movie of YOUR life, you just need to decide what your genre is. Do you find that your life teeters on drama? Is everyday like North Country? [Note: maybe you don't live in a mining town, maybe you just look like Charlize Theron. Not a bad thing. Nice.] Do you participate in a lot of gun fights and wear 10 gallon hats? Do you enjoy building robots and dream of one day hopping aboard one of Branson's space flights? Do you have a lot of mob connections and constantly muse about 'offing' people? I think you know where I'm going with this. . . if not, I'm very bad with object lessons.

I could continue! I haven't even hit screwball comedies or biopics --

--But I won't! I will continue on with this scrambled blog entry.

Basically I had a discussion with someone last night, and I came to the conclusion (and this person concurred) that my life is a severe romantic comedy. In fact, it might even be a Classical Hollywood Narrative Romantic comedy. If I could just channel a little of the sophistication of Katherine Hepburn, I think I could even call it The Philadelphia Story. But maybe Bringing Up Baby is a more appropriate comparison....for now. Who knows? I guess we'll see when my ex-husband returns upon seeing that I am remarrying. But, whatever, my ex-husband has been gone for so long, I highly doubt that my getting remarried would put a dent in him.

I kid, I kid.

Anyway, it's Valentines Day this weekend, which I always lovingly refer to as The St. Valentines Day Massacre. Yes, I've always been a bitter, pessimistic, wallower about Valentines day, but this year I have something to smile about. Something to be happy about. Something (and someones) to celebrate with. And better yet, we don't NEED to celebrate V-Day at all. We can celebrate anything, because I find I'm big on celebrations! I love a frilly dress, wavy locks, a dash of perfume and flavored lip balm. In fact, celebrations are fun for me because, well, I have a dirty little secret:

I enjoy being a girl.

It's true. I can't deny it. I enjoy lacey, frilly, purple, (occasionally) floral things. I enjoy candlelit dinners, hushed conversation, holding hands across tables, having senseless arguments about who looks better. The whole shebang. Then why haven't I been a fan of Valentines day, you ask?

Because I like doing valentines day things like twice a week. No holiday's going to tell ME when to be a spoiled, rotten girl. NO ONE!

Wow. This was a weird blog entry.

Happy St. Valentines Day Massacre--day.


  1. It does seem like a bad holiday. People in relationships don't need it, and people who aren't are just abused by it. It seems like more something to survive than celebrate.

    Here's the real question, though. Romantic comedies are usually a whole lot more fun for the audience than the protagonist--except that things typically turn out well for the main character in the end. So which section of the story arc are you currently passing through?

  2. I would have to say that I am stuck in a quirky musical genre of film.

    A musical because verything reminds me of a song. Quirky because, if I am the protaganist, I behave in a peculiar manner and I can't quite fit in any category of persons.

    I think I have therefore just created a genre. I can't even think of a movie that would be an example. Very peculiar.

    I think the title you came up with V-Day is very funny. I am not a romantic, never have been, never will be, but I do like Valentine's day. Perhaps it's because I have an excuse to go to parties and eat loads of cupcakes...and watch Madeline. Also, I love delivering goodies to my friends.

    Great post.

  3. Coryn, I would watch your quirky musical everday. EVERYDAY! And well, I'd say you're a romantic in a different sense. Not in the conventional sense, but in the sense of that Charlotte Charles is a romantic. I believe romantics are those with elevated ideals. And you have those in spades. Which is why I like you :).

    J, I think I'm in the miscommunication part of the romantic comedy. The part where the the protagonist keeps missing the facts--right before her/his eyes, but keeps barreling in and out of situations and complicating things further. Does that make sense?

  4. I don't actually see my life as a movie more like a television show perhaps.

    Maybe a "30 Rock" or a "Psych" or maybe a mix of the two. (That would be a sweet cross over)

    Just because my life isn't always constantly interesting... Maybe because I'm not out and about on my own. Maybe one day, when I go to college or something, I can get a TV movie! You know when the series is finally over and the fans pitch a hissy fit and the creators say "Fine, we'll make a movie" I think that's what's going on.

    But before then the closest I'll ever get is the series specials where we extend to two hours because it's really interesting.

    I'm seeing my life in a different view.

    Loved the post, keep up the good work!

  5. Oh my life hsa been a life of drama! I'm not so sure about the romantic part of it so much, but more the drama queen type of a movie!
    Life is a stage and we are all actors and actresses...and this is the dress rehersal.
    My problem is:
    I just forgot to go to the tryouts early to get the best part so I just get to stand in the back jeering the rest of the people on the stage!!

    You my dear are the star of the show!


    Great post!

  6. Does it make sense? I want to say, "Yes, I understand perfectly!"

    But that would be dishonest. It DOES, however, sound very compelling.