Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You are a very beautiful WAY TO DAYDREAM!

So my friend Coryn introduced me to a new obsession. And as much as I thank her for it, I must also give her a big 'tsk, tsk', as anymore whimsical distractions in my life should probably be contraband. :)

Regardless, this site - www.polyvore.com - is amazing. I'm not an artist, but clothing, decor, accesories...these are things I like. Putting them together? Even better. I'm a regular King Louis XIV....
Ok, not really. I still have three years until they finish building Versailles II for me. Darned contractors. However, I do love experimenting with fashion.

And so, without further delay, here is my wardrobe creation for Spring.

As I tried to find things to distract me from my senior-year-crisis (see last entry), this has been a helpful tool. Sure, I still don't have many answers, but I DO have purple shoes and bubble bath...err...in theory.

Peace, love and purple to all.



  1. Courtney, very stylin'...and yes, Purple rules!

  2. I LOVE the ensemble! And you know I love that purple! And, I think you would be totally cute in ALL of it! Rock on with your bad self!