Monday, April 6, 2009

You are very beautiful MISS SAILBOAT (CORYN)!

It's going to be a Happy Birthday for my dear friend Coryn, who deserves to have the happiest of all happy birthdays.

Here are just a few words about this wonderful girl.

She is the sweetest, most kind and giving person I know. She is willing to drop anything for a friend or a person in a need. She is constantly thinking of ways to enrich the lives of others, which in the end, has enriched her own life, and it shows. She is innovative and industrious. She tells herself she can do something, and then she does it. For example, when Coryn decided she wanted to make her own jewelry, she did everything in her power to make it happen. But she didn't just make jewelry, she created jewelry with her own fresh flare. She's always an individual, and it shows in her own personal taste and style.

She is a fashion icon!

Every ensemble she puts together inspires happiness and imitation. People are constantly in awe of her sophistication and poise, not only in putting an outfit together, but in putting her life together. She has poise in her one hand, and individuality in her other. A successful combination that not many people master.

Coryn is willing to try new things in ways that most people would not be daring enough to even consider.

She went on a study abroad to England, and during her time there, she motivated herself to go on many personal adventures that most wouldn't dare do on their on, especially with so little experience with the world abroad.

In fact, she even came to my house in Houston on almost a moments notice and made my own birthday one of the best birthdays ever.

She is an amazing daughter and sister.

She cares deeply for her family and is constantly thinking of ways to spend time with them and to improve herself in the process. She's a team player in that aspect. If there is a cause that she feels passionate about, then Coryn indeed, behaves passionately. She stands behind her family in any situation, and she stands behind her friends in any situation.

She's not afraid to be silly and whimsicle. In fact, she thrives on it. Because of this, she's the best gift-giver ever, because never are her gifts unmotivated or irrelevent.

She's got great taste in music and all things 'cultural'.

She's constantly recommending new books, music or movies to keep in mind. And she hasnt' been wrong yet!

Anyway, I could say a million more things about her, but I just want everyone to know those basics. She's amazing. And I hope she has an equally amazing birthday!

I love you, Coryn!


  1. Courtney, dear, dear, Courtney. You are way too kind to me. Thank you for this post! You are the best of the best!

  2. What a tribute.

    What a friend.