Thursday, May 21, 2009

You are a very beautiful MOVE YOUR BOOGIE BODY! (and more pictures!)

Most people have witnessed my love of the boogie body workout from my facebook page and the youtube video link I attached. That video gives me such appreciation for people who love to use youtube to post the most fascinating and - let's face it - important things.

But this post is about more than that. It's about how much I've been working out lately, and further, it's about how much I thrive off of it. For the first time in my life, exercise has become a habit. Yes, even if I miss just one day, it feels a little like I forgot to brush my teeth or wear underwear that day. And the worst is when I forget all three.

Kidding, I would only ever forget two of those things, at the most. You decide which ones. Talk amongst yourselves.

Of course, let's not assume too much here, peeps. I'm definitely not running a marathon yet, and my asthma certainly hasn't let up completely (and if it DID, how on earth could my blog go on without its awesome URL!? I ask you!)

I never started working out to lose weight, because I didn't really need to. I just wanted to tone up and not look like a target for jokes (well, for anymore than usual). But, on top of my excercise, I have given up my most beloved drink and companion, Dr. Pepper. I found that cutting it loose increases my lung capacity and makes me not as dependent on caffeine. So I drink a lot of water.

But here's my beef, and I want you bloggaloggadingerdongers to tell me what is up with it. I am so confused as to how I can ever even REMOTELY eat in the healthy way that so many celebrities profess to eat. I mean, most of them say they eat celery sticks and almonds all day to keep their hunger at bay. Seriously? I can imagine eating a few celery sticks, and I can imagine buying a few bags of almonds, but after working out as hard as I have been, a few almonds before my light salmon salad (as so many celebrities say they eat for lunch) just sounds absurd. Furthermore, it is absurd to think that you could eat fish every freaking day (besides fish sticks). Because, let's face some other facts, FISH IS EXPENSIVE and you have to buy a lot of it to eat it once a day. Seriously!

Ok, so, I guess I can see how celebrities could afford it, but when they look at the common man and suggest that we all eat salmon for lunch once a day and follow it up by a grilled chicken and steamed vegetable dinner....something just gets lost in the translation for me. THERE MUST BE AN EASIER, SIMPLER and more SATISFYING WAY. Why can't portion sizes just be enough? Why can't people just eat the food they like, but back off on the 3rd scoop of Alfredo sauce? I guess I'm asking this question mostly to myself. Because, even though I think portion control is the answer, it doesn't mean I have started implementing it like a Parisian woman. It's just something that I know to be true, and makes me happier knowing that people wouldn't have to give up on the foods they love altogether.

Wow, I just read through this entry to see if there was any linear trajectory, and there is not. I hope you have had as much fun reading through it as I have writing it.

AND NOW, without further digression, here are some more pictures of day two of shooting Lest We Forget (see previous entry to learn more of its awesomeness).

(Below) a very tiring scene and apparently I'm whistling about it

(below) Me, Leslie (actress) and Aimee (producer) , after
wrapping a hard day and putting Leslie through the ringer.
She made her flight though!!! Yea!

(below) Setting a beautiful but more complicated than it
needed to be dolly shot. That squeeking wheel was in my
dream that night!

(below) A picture of the heightened dream sequence.

(below) So I gained a little weight while in production. Jealous?

(below) My actors being cuties.

(below) a cool shot of Randall and the actors. Randall was
always this cool. Always.

(Below) We took a few smiling ones, and then we decided
that our true essence was Breakfast Club, so we went for it.
I think you will agree the results are striking.

they also gave me hair extensions, so they aren't all bad.


  1. Super cool pics, I must say. The one of myself is spectacular (nothing to do with the "me" part of it, I'm afraid). Still, that's facebook profile picture material so good work!

  2. Ok, so what kind of working out are you doing? And do you mean everyday as in the every weekday sense that most people mean when they talk about working out, or the crazy EVERYday that workout fanatics use? I don't think I even know you anymore.

  3. seriously... I work out to try and gain some muscle... kind of like you... except my problem has nothing to do with trying to live off almonds and salads and fish. My beef is with how much I need to eat so that working out makes any difference. Seriously... who can afford to eat 6 meals a day?! I tried it on Tuesday and it was quite a bit of work. Plus, who has the time? Anyway, I feel for you. But I must say, you are lookng pretty toned there China Ball.