Monday, May 18, 2009

You are a very beautiful FILMMAKING!


And so it is done. I have directed my first film and it was...

Most of all, it was transforming. I feel like a new person after the experience. Sure, I'm still 5 foot 3 and 3/4, I still have brown eyes, still have hair that isn't growing as long as I want, and a funny out-turned walk, but I have accomplished something this past weekend that I never thought possible. And I did so with the amazing help of a skilled, resourceful and willing crew, and an unimaginably talented and kind couple of actors. We did it and I am just gobsmacked. To my writing partner Coryn: Can you believe we finally did it?!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the experience (courtesy of Aimee Devine) for all of you bloggaloggadingdongers to hopefully get a taste of what we experienced this past weekend.

"And...Cut! Alright everybody! Back to one!"

(below) A well-functioning director-producer relationship
(Miss Devine and Miss Coco)

(above) Jeff Dickamore. Being a stud. Or a pirate? One of those.

(above) Considering a new setup

(above) Pleased with a scene

(above) Being VERY serious and engrossed in my film (or maybe dazing off)

(below)Working with my amazing actors Leslie and Jeff (and being silly)

(above) A Picture that catches me right after my 'bawl' fest
as a result of my actors and their amazing performances.
Let it be said: I AM A NINNY! PS) Jordan Harker looks like
Jack all of his movies.

(Below) An ongoing set joke. Poor Harker never saw it coming.
He was just being a good DP, minding his Ps and Qs, all the while
being C-47ed!

(below) setting up a beautiful 'push in' dolly shot with Mr. W:
a scholar and a gentleman if I've ever seen one.

(below) First shots of the day. Randall's shirt is the best!

(above) pretending to know what I'm doing. While the
actors are ol' pros.

(above) setting up one of the coolest dolly shots EVER!

(above) Getting love from Emma, whom I love! After a
long day...such an embrace was like a warm blanket.

Day 2 is coming!!!


  1. YAY! I never responded to your text message yesterday. It was my privilege to help out. I still feel terrible about being late on day 2 though. It isn't like me! I swear! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Aw, I love the photos. Congratulations! Way to go! Way to be off the chazizzle!

    Also, the title of your film keeps making one little bit of music run through my head--the last part of the setting of the Rudyard Kipling poem in the hymnbook. Did you take the title from the poem, or something else? I really hope I can see it someday!

  3. Heather!!! I'm so glad you are happy and that it was off the CHAZIZZLE! :)

    And YES! It was taken from the poem. I'm a huge Kipling fan, and I just knew we had to use it. Glad you caught it you literary sleuth!!

    Also, I miss you!!!

  4. I miss you too!! I'm pretty sure O-F-F T-H-E C-H-A-Z-I-Z-Z-L-E is just another way of spelling "Courtney." And seriously, what a great accomplishment.

  5. I wish I could have been there!! I bet you were a stunning thing to watch direct.

  6. Okay, first of all....I'm way behind on your blog. (Sorry about that).
    Second, seeing this post brings back all the many, wonderful memories of playing in your old house- acting up and making those tapes. And you being the "director" that you were even at age 8-10, etc. :) (You started young girl!)
    Third, I'm so impressed with your work!! (And somewhat proud -even as a mother would be for her child).
    Finally, the guy in the white shirt and black tie...TOTALLY reminds me of "Daniel Faraday" from LOST. That's not a bad thing, I'm just saying. :)
    You go girl!!