Saturday, May 23, 2009

You are a very beautiful JUMPING THE GUN!?

Yes, I think I might be jumping the gun with this cheesy graduation layout, but I think its akin to me listening to songs like, "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado, over and over and over again; it makes me feel boss and I'm going to keep doing it, so you better just slow your roll. 

So, I felt like I should bloggaloggadingdong tonight so that I could recount a weird dream I had a week ago (when we were making the film). 

Some of you have already heard me tell this story, and if so, you can stop reading. But I warn you! Those who have already heard the story and do indeed decide to stop reading: sporadically, I am going to make nasty subliminal statements about you as I describe the dream in the next few paragraphs. So....keep up. 

It's not that big of a story, but it's definitely one for the schizophrenic records.

                     (a photographic representation of my schizophrenia)
Last Friday, the first day of shooting, after a long and laborious - but absolutely fabulous - day of directing, I curled up in my bed and found that I couldn't turn my pea-brain off. But, I tried...oh boy, did I. 

At one point I thought I had finally dozed off, but I found that it was just me having a waking dream--or, nightmare. In the dream I was laying in my bed, staring at my ceiling (the exact same as I was in real life) but I was paralyzed, listening to my voice in my head saying over and over and over again, "Cut, let's do it again. Back to one everybody." And this was repeated over, and over, and over. Then,  there was a little change-up. Suddenly, I could hear my actress Leslie saying the line,"I saw your Dad the other day. He looks good." and then I would immediately chime in and say - without any rhyme or reason - "Cut. Let's do it again. Back to one." It happened maybe 1,000 time that night. I wanted to die. And by the next morning, I felt like placing an icy gun against my head and pulling the trigger. I also felt like apologizing to Leslie. There was nothing freaking wrong with the way she was saying it!

This leads us back to the question Du Jour:


Any answers to this question or solutions--barring a sanitarium--would be much appreciated. 

However, do you find it slightly ironic that I would be recounting this dream to you when I also added a new layout about graduation and accomplishments?  I am just proving that I should probably be put in a padded cell. If anyone in the Graduation Gestapo takes a gander at my blog, they may seriously revoke my oncoming diploma. 

Good luck finding me though. I changed my name to Pepper Potts on my graduation application. 


  1. We love Pepper Potts... so what was this whole post about?

  2. Isn't the real question Du Jour, "Who rocks the mic like Du Jour?" Or is that a no-brainer, since the answer, clearly, is nobody. Nobody rocks the mic like Du Jour.

  3. Heather. You're absolutely right. And, "Eye contact. Hand."

    The Lab-- this post was basically about what my whole life is about.

  4. I'm sure Pepper will appreciate a BYU degree in Media Arts. That'll be just the boost her career needs.

  5. haha- you are too funny. I had one of those sleepless nights when I had a story idea. My brain wouldn't turn off.

  6. The worst part about the "work dream" is that you spend all day working, all night working, and then all the next day working... its exhausting!

    If you bump into my brother or sister before you exit BYU tell one of them to get married real quick in Utah and then I'll have an excuse to come visit! Oh, and I think I'm going to be in TX in Sept... and since Cleveland is the best place to visit you could always come visit me!(See our tourism video if you have a second