Thursday, August 6, 2009

You are a very beautiful NAIL BITING!

It's happened to all of us. That movie that we'd like to resist watching since we know that it will hit a little too close to home. And yet, like a very unwise moth to the flame, we HAVE to view it. In fact, we would go out our way to see it, and become a metaphorical rubbernecker: staring at the damage out of morbid curiosity while miffing off other drivers.
(Ok, that last part might be an absurd stretch.)

I think this is soon to be the case for me and the film Post Grad (2009). Will it be any good? No idea. Will it hit home with the force of a jackhammer? Most assuredly.

I have spent the last 3 days having a complete and utter 'I- have- to- be- an- adult- now- and- I-don't- like- it-so-please-don't-pry-me-out-of-the-fetal- position' breakdown.

I need a job. I need a place to live. I need to jump off the gravy train. I need to take a giant leap of faith, and it is this last statement alone that nutshells my current state of being.

I know that I'm always asking for suggestions, comments or words of advice, but never have I more sincerely needed it. What are your suggestions? What are your words of advice? What are your cautions? I may be a little bleary eyed, but I can still read.

"Everyone say, 'Overpriced education!'" - Post Grad


  1. You're a genius Courtney. I personally believe we don't have to become an 'adult'. Remember we're gods in embryo so and we're suppose to be like children submissive, meek, humble, and mainly teachable. I know Paul mentioned the whole when I was a child I spoke as a child and then he goes on to say that now he's a man and so he put away childish things. Anyways what I'm saying is that we all have the potential to succeed and we know this if not we wouldn't have made the choice to be here. Our only problem is that we sometimes forget and think we know better. I'll for sure look you up when I can pay people to work for Urban Media Lab. But until then I know you'll succeed do just fine as a post grad and they will say of you, you are a very beautiful Goddess. Much Love and good luck. A lot of my comment is what you call being up late at night when you should be asleep.

  2. I'm so excited for that movie! It's a lot more fun to laugh about that phase of life a few years after it has passed. :) And my advice? UPS is almost always looking for truck loaders. :) Honestly though, if you don't get offered your dream job straight out of college, don't be afraid to take that disappointingly humble job (especially in this economy) - you never know where it will lead.

  3. I agree with TQ, You may not get the dream job right away, it may take some time. Take the leap and see where it takes you, every life experience and job makes us who we are. Without a lot of ups and downs life would be too boring. Don't worry, you are likeable, teachable and people love you. You will make it just fine in this crazy world. Ok so now hold your breath and jump.

  4. Thank you The Lab, TQ and Hartless. You all obviously went to wise and rational school. What gives? Where can I send in an application? :)

  5. I have just been on my adventure in the school of life for the past 39 years. There will always be ups and downnnnnns. But if your tough enough you can win the game.