Friday, August 28, 2009

You are a very beautiful SAY WHAT?

So, I have acrylic nails on right now. They were a graduation gift. I think they look pretty and they make my hands look longer--also, I've probably only had acrylic nails on 5 times in my whole life. However, each time I get said nails, I realize how stinking difficult it is to type with them. Sheesh.

Alas, I wish I were brave enough to post a picture of what 'my' room looks like right now, but that would be a lie, because its not even my room anymore. That's right, I have taken the plunge and I'm headin' out to the big city, but shacking up in my old room with my sister until I can officially hit the road. The room itself looks a lot like a warehouse stuffed to the gills with girlie decorations and miscellaneous moving boxes that we've rounded up from heaven knows where. One of moving boxes says, "DANGER" on it, and I'm beginning to think that there might have been plutonium in it at one point. Excellent. Hopefully I get radiation poisoning on my trip to California and then I'll look just like everyone else----


That was unnecessary. I was born in California and it is treason to go their with such an attitude. And I won't, because I don't have an attitude. I'm just anxious to get this show on the road. Maybe I'll post a picture of what my car looks like when it is full of my meager possessions and NSYNC CDs (for the ride).

Ok, well....away we go!

Oh, and before the drop, here are a few pictures of my journey in the last few weeks.



  1. Where you livin'? What are you going to do? Why are there so many stars in the sky?

    Answers please!

  2. So, you're moving to Cal-i-for-n-i-a??
    [In the words of "Joey" from Blossom] "WHOA!" And are you going to be living with Ashley or Riley?

    I hope you enjoyed your nails...while they lasted. ;)

  3. I AM moving to CAL-i-forn-i-a. Indeed. And I won't be living with any family while I'm out there. Ashley is finishing school in Utah and Riley is starting school in Texas.

    And yes, I enjoyed the nails but I need to bid them a fond farewell.

  4. And Eric, I will be living in Studio City and hopefully doing this fellowship with NBC-Universal. Advice? :)