Friday, October 16, 2009

You are a very beautiful VAAAHOO!!

“I get my best ideas anywhere among the three B’s—the Bath, the Bed, the Bus.” – Albert Einstein

Unfortunately, as of late, I have not had a whole lot of time for any of those places. And as far as the bus goes, I think its probably best for now. L.A public transit is a little bit of what I imagine Alcatraz to have been. But, nonetheless, I am trying each day to find little points of inspiration, and of course, to brainstorm and write until I feel like reading someone else’s work….which is quite a lot lately. Reading, by far, has been the biggest improvement to my life since graduation and my big move to this great big honking city. Traffic has a definite plus side to it: during my commute or any extended amount of time in the car, I have been absorbing audio books like they are going out of style. And I guess, technically, books on tape went out of style quite a while ago, but I’ve been listening to them nonetheless.

Truman Capote said something to the effect of people losing 10 IQ points for every year they live in L.A. Although I think that was Capote being Capote, I do feel that this audiobook reading and leisure nightly reading I’ve been doing has been just the ticket to counteracting those effects, whether they be fact or fiction.

For those of you who have always wondered what it is like to live in a city such as L.A, or that have always been interested but just a little nervous to pursue it; let me assure you, when I talk to anyone out here most everyone here loves it with such a passion, but explain that they feel that they are losing their balance. Let me explain: there is so much to do and see and be a part of in this city, that the sheer amount of options mixed with your own discretion or values can quite honestly make you feel as if you are seconds form toppling over. Where should I go tonight? Should I apply for that? Should I audition for this? If I take this job will it ruin me for this one? Should I stay friends with this awful robber baron even though I hate him, just so I can get ahead? Should I take the 101, the 405, the 110, the 170, the 134 or the 5? (the answer is, sure, but just don’t plan on getting to your destination any time soon). And as a religious person in this neck of the woods, well, forgeddaboutit. (Not really, but I like saying, ‘forgeddaboutit’.) Values just make things all the more…challenging, but it is easy to see why they are imperative.

My friend Coryn gave me an excellent article the other day about finding a quiet center, and I have to say, that is the advice that every resident of Los Angelas needs. They need peace, they need lazy afternoons, they need to chilllax. And by they, I also mean me. I’m already a nervous personality as it is, and I find that this city’s pace can be like pouring coffee into that particular personality trait of mine. Everything should have been done YESTERDAY for people here. When they say, “How are you?” they really mean, “DON’T MAKE ME SHARE IN A HUMAN CONVERSATION WITH YOU OR SOMEONE WILL TAKE MY JOB WHILE I’M NOT LOOKING!” But, I find that I have met a few choice individuals already who have learned to take the fast lane mentality of this town and still go their own speed (much to the honking of other drivers/people). Also, even though its no New York City, people honk for no reason. Sometimes I wonder if its just a secret language that I don’t understand or if people are just trigger happy.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is…life is good, and seems to be getting better with each new day/trial. I am happy, I am healthy, and I am pacing myself.



  1. Love it and love you. Sounds like you are figuring life out out there. Hope things continue to go well!

  2. Love it and love you. Sounds like you are figuring life out out there. Hope things continue to go well!

  3. The honking comes from the fact that you can't hear them swearing, the decisions don't get any easier, and the peaceful center is absolutely necessary to keep your sanity.

    We're glad you're here to share in the madness. Us Morms need to stick together.