Friday, May 21, 2010

You are a very beautiful cultural event

Ok, so, ever since my counsin's Jon and Morgan got me into Lost a few years back, I have remained a great admirer and fan of the show. However, my attention to the show faltered when I tried to graduate on time and make movies and move to LA and get a grown up job. And that's when I decided I had to come down on what shows I could invest in reasonably. Those shows ended up being 30 Rock and The Office (even Gossip Girl was left in the dust. GOSSIP GIRL!)

However, I moved to LA and it was here that it occurred to me that most all of my friends, including my dear roommate Tiffani, are avid Lost fans and have stayed true to the show. They have not faltered as I have in my ignorance and pride (ok, maybe just ignorance, pride had nothing to do with it).

But now! Now, as the series finale draws near, I was stricken with a thought last night (at City Wok, where my best ideas are usually formed) . . .

The idea?

I, Courtney, screenwriter with no other marketable skills, have decided to *ingest the last two seasons of Lost that I have fallen behind on---IN TWO DAYS! That's right folks, two seasons, two days. Alllllll so I can be just one more cog in the machine that is Lost mania. Let it be said that Courtney B. does NOT lack in her civic duties. She participates in cultural phenomena's and she even volunteered at a library once. I know, I know.

I ask now for your support during this tenuous weekend in which I will achieve what no man has achieved before. This is Seinfeld all over again, except I ended up watching the series finale of Seinfeld, completely not caught up. Ah, those were the simpler days, the days when writers created simple, easy-to-follow characters that don't all end up dying, and they didn't make up the story as they went along and actually had an exit strategy that didn't include their writer's making statements like, "We'll leave it up to the viewer to decide what that four-toed-foot statue was about," as a cop out for coming to work really tired one morning with the words, "Wouldn't it be funny if...." coming out of their mouths. **Ooops, I've said too much.


Jate 4eva! (I'm two seasons behind, is that still a thing?)

*I'm not actually going to eat or inhale Lost. Don't be alarmed.
**I love Lost like a sibling, I can tease it and its all in good fun. I'm not really attacking it and if you even START to, it'll get all out ugly in heya.


  1. I miss our Lost-a-thons SO much! And our weekly viewings. I have to say, it has never been the same since the four of us stopped watching it together. Some people blame the writers, but I know better. Enjoy catching up and all the mind-bending things that will come along with it.

  2. You totally got this one, Courtney! I'm on episode 5 of season 6. No sleep till Brooklyn!!

  3. You've got all my support. I have a feeling it's about to get real on your television set, if it hasn't already. Enjoy!

    On the topic of Gossip Girl, I feel like it really floundered in the middle of this season. I almost quit watching. But the last two episodes were back in top form.