Thursday, May 13, 2010

You are a very beautiful FRIGHTENED RABBIT.

My new obsession is the band, Frightened Rabbit. They are so great. They are this perfect mixture of like The Counting Crows and maybe like Sufjan Stevens and maybe a little The Cure. Don't know how to explain it really, but they speak to me like She and Him Vol. 2 speaks to me. Oh wait, I guess that's my new obsession, too. So, so so good. So, so, so worth while. I have also rediscovered my love for Band of Horses. I laid off for a while, but wow, they are so good to me.

Life is so great right now. Dead Grandma, the series I co-wrote and co-directed with Will Kindrick, has wrapped and we're entrenched in post-production. It went swimmingly. It was the kind of busy that everyone should be. The kind of busy that makes you grateful for passions and for interests and for skills. When you are doing what you love, stress is no biggie.

Speaking of Biggie, this past week I rediscovered another love of mine...Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers. Well, not necessarily the hamburgers themselves, but how great Wendy's has always been to me. That value menu is a thing of beauty. I miss the days that Coryn and I used to go and order the kids meals and make the employees angrily scratch their heads. But they were the PERFECT portion for lightweights like us, AND they have a toy AND a mini-frosty.

And now, to continue on with disconnectedness--some pictures I've never posted but make me happy.

Sisters - Summer 2008

A place we used to go with the coolest California girl - Spring 2009

My living room currently- Spring 2010

Deer Valley Symphony Night with my favorite-2009
I am currently suffering from some strange sort of sinus infection that makes me even weirder, so this blog update should serve as a reminder that I can get just a little stranger than you thought. Its like in Yoga when they ask you to push the stretch just a little bit deeper and you're shocked at what you've accomplished....but in this case, you're shocked that it can get weirder.

Love to all.

PS) I'm going to be a better blogger, I'm going to be a better blogger, I'm going to be a better blogger.


  1. That is an exceptionally nice couch Courtney.

  2. I miss getting Wendy's kids meals with you too!