Sunday, June 13, 2010

You are a very beautiful presidential library

Tom and I just got back from a lovely visit to Simi Valley to see the Reagan Presidential Library and Air Force One.

That was pretty cool. I had never been inside or seen an air force one before. The coolest part was seeing and touching a piece of the Berlin Wall though. Didn't expect that it would be so powerful to see something like that.

My friend Matt Heder would have FLIPPED when he saw the miniature of the White House.

It was awesome. I should add that my friend Matt, as I learned at Disneyland, is a HUGE miniatures buff. That was really endearing to me.

Well, now we're back from that little excursion but the travel bug took a bite out of me and now Tom is trying to get me to stop looking at vacation spots and cruise lines and history on the web.

Ok, ok. Fine. You win, Thomas. I will now go and make dinner so we can watch Bright Star.

Haha, sucker.



PS) President Reagan loved telling jokes and he always kept the oval office and air force one stocked with jellybeans. The more you know.

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