Friday, June 11, 2010

You are a very beautiful visitors and vacations and all nighters!

Two nights ago I did audience work on a show that kept us there for ten hours with no food, one bathroom break, wrapped as at 5:30am and froze us out on the roof of a high rise as we watched items and people get conveyor belted off the top of the building for answering questions incorrectly. Sure, sure, the latter part is pretty rad, but the former was enough to make me wonder what profession I'm getting myself into with this filmmaking business.Not really though...I knew that would be the case from day one. The day before the buidling work, I played a carnie on a television show and judging by the looks of things, I am unsure as to why I was chosen for that background part and I'm beginning to wonder about my look.

I talked to a young woman the other day that told me all about her job as a nurse practitioner with her normal hours and her close commute and her thriving social life, and I thought, "Hmm, I wish I wanted to normalcy in my career. What's wrong with me?" How can something seem so appealing and yet at the same time so wrong for you?

Anyway, it's vacay season, and in about one week I will be visiting my family and eating texmex, and swimming in a pool that was never there when I was growing up but whatevs, and yada yada yada.

Also, my boyfriend is getting in tonight for another short visit, and I decided to take time off from cheering for people on high rises so I could cheer for him on the ground. Well, not really cheer, but yeah, enjoy his company with both feet firmly planted, AND I bet we'll get meal breaks, too. How's that for luxury?

Bye, bye, bye,

PS) As I reflect, I realize that one time my boyfriend grabbed me by the ankles and swung me around a living room much to his roommate's amusement. Perhaps the relationship was just training for the jobs I do now, or for my burgeoning potential as a carnie.

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