Sunday, September 26, 2010

You are a very beautiful HOT BOX!

It's 104 degrees in the Valley right now. I am frying. Tom is here. He is frying. Tiffani is in her room talking to her parents for her weekly parent catch up phone call, and SHE is frying. Someone save us from the pan. We're frying. And dying. And Crying....because we're dying of frying.

(Me, fanning myself off)

Remember how its almost October? Yeah, just a reminder SoCal. Just a reminder.


  1. Yeah, I cracked open an egg today, slipped, missed the pan and that same egg went on the counter. Did it matter? No, because it was sooooo hot the egg fried before I could even clean it up.

    Am I exaggerating? Well, maybe about the egg, but definitely NOT about the heat! This is just sad, but it's so hot my tears just evaporate before they can even fall from my eyes.


  2. Oh my lands! I hope it cools down very, very soon for you guys. That looks like it's terribly, terribly hot. Wow, I have a problem repeating words to exaggerate my feelings.

    Anyway, I hope the heat will turn down soon.

  3. I hate to say this but it's been in the 70's today!!! I am in Heaven...I am no longer frying!!

    Miss ya,