Friday, September 17, 2010

Your are a very beautiful visitors and background styling!


I hate getting behind on blogging, because there is so much I forget about that I'm sure would be very amusing to blog about. Oh well.

Here are the most important things lately:

Tiffani and I moved to a new apartment in North Hollywood and its tubular! A vintage refurbished place that feels like home. Plus, when we have mail delivered to us, it says "Hollywood" now. That's legit.

(Our new living room)

Second, my bff, Coryn, came to visit for several days and we had the loveliest time ever!

The sights were awesome, the foods were awesome, the conversations were awesome. My bedroom, with a cheap - but apparently well-functioning air mattress-in my tiny space made for cozy sleeping quarters/nightly book reading headquarters. Thrift shopping and The Huntington Gardens turned out to be our biggest highlights I think, as both were lovely successes.

Coryn is going to France for 18 months. I will miss her dearly. But we will write, and we will think of each other whenever we say, "Are we going to kill them? Are we going to LIKE it?" in Scottish accents (which, who doesn't think of that daily?).

More pictures to follow.

The rest of the goings on will be bullet-ed as to not bore you with the crazy details.

-Tiffani's (my roommate's) car broke down and we had to be big girls and learn to do nasty grown up things on our own. End result? She got a really cute Yaris and we learned about car salesman and loans.

-I met a bulldog puppy named Lulu and forgot that anyone existed but that dog and me.

-I did background work and got to meet Forrest Whitaker, Lawrence Fishbourne, Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and now, Brad Pitt (I probably won't get to "meet him" meet him, but I am working on his movie next Tuesday. Yeppppp. It's going there.)

- When I did background work with Justin Timberlake yesterday, the director specifically asked me to walk side by side with Justin in tunnel scene in the terminal at LAX. HIGHLIGHT OF MY EXTRA WORK. Fourteen year old Courtney would probably smack me in the face if I told her that would ever happen. Pretty awesome. I'm lame. Is admitting it the first part of recovery in this case, of does it just make it worse?

(That's my head behind JT in a scene we did ALL day. Thanks paparazzi)

-I got to be featured in the Britney Spears episode of Glee about 3 weeks ago (I know, 90s teen idols strike back, or what?). That was pretty radical. I couldn't believe any of that day was happening. Please, please, please, do not make fun of me if I did in fact make it into the final cut. They MADE me try to be sexy, and most of my closest friends know that I don't do sexy very smoothly....or at all. If you look in the Courtney Topical Guide, there will be reference to my (PG) wedding night impression, and its not's embarrassing. So, please be kind, or maybe just don't watch it (the latter is preferable).

-Two weeks ago I spent 4 days in full prom ensemble for Disney's new feature film, uniquely entitled, Prom. Watch for that one some time next year, I think?

Much, much more has happened, but I'll keep it there for now and blog more in the coming days to catch up.


ps) For those of you wondering, no; I have not sold my soul to the devil in exchange for doing extra work. I have been between jobs for a couple of months, and since I needed the flexibility for Dead Grandma, I found out that background work was a way to get to still work on film sets (BIG FILM SETS) but have a very flexible schedule (and meet 90s pop sensations). So, I said, "Shucks, bachelors degree smachelors degree, put me in coach!" and the rest is history. And yes, the show Extras has never been more delightful to me than now. Ricky Gervais, you hit the nail on the head. Extras are fascinatingly crazy and mostly incredibly stupid...and so are the actors and actresses they work with. This is the E! True Hollywood story.


  1. Courtney, I love reading posts like makes me think that although its been YEARS since we've seen each other, I don't think too much has changed! :)

  2. omg. i always thought extra work would be funny

  3. A few things:

    -It was so fun to come and visit! I had such a wonderful time!
    -I will be sure to say "Are we going to kill them? Are we going to LIKE it?" to myself every night for the next 18 months and remember everything we ever did ever.
    -I'm so excited about all the fun background work you've been able to do.
    -I will be watching "Glee" - multiple times, perhaps?

  4. I was seriously trying to figure out how in the world you went from being an admin assistant to doing extra work... lol now it makes sense. The 15 year old in me is seriously wanting to stick my tongue out at you. lol I ADORE you Courtney! You're so lucky... although, quite honestly, if any of us were ever going to be the famous ones, I think we all knew it would be you or Riley. lol But still .... Here's my tongue. :P lol Don't forget about us little people, k? LOL :D MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!

  5. Thanks once again for showing Coryn a great time in La,La,Land... Extra work sounds 'never boring' and we will be watching for you in the various episodes, etc...Love to you:)

  6. Ahhh, the life of Courtney. We will be watching Glee and have been anticipating it since your facebook status- hope you make it in! Also, this extra work makes for some good stories, so keep it up. Hopefully we will see you soon? In person I mean.

  7. your new place is ACE! you'll have to have me over some girl time :)

    love your blog, sweet cheeks!