Saturday, October 9, 2010

You are a very beautiful Busby Berkeley

I have worked pretty much non-stop for the past two weeks. I'm tired, but I'm jazzed. And the last two nights, I was especially in Jazz Baby. As in flappers. As in the 1920s. As in Warner bros. As in with 500 extras. As in a silent film. As in, black and white. As in French.

Ok. Enough shameless clarification.

Here are some pictures from my last week of work.

Look familiar? Well, to my sister Ashley, maybe.
(Fox Studios, Bones Set)

(The Forum, Matthew Perry's new show, Mr. Sunshine)

My Preliminary short Shirley Temple hair
(Artist, French Film, shot at Warner Bros)

My costume without my hat
(Arist, French Film, Warner Bros. I'm supposed to be a fan girl)

And so it goes folks. Have fun. Stay dry. Stay warm. Unless it already too warm and too dry.

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  1. I got super excited that you got to eat at the Royal Diner... then I realized it was a set. ;(
    PS do you really have asthma?