Monday, November 29, 2010

You are a very beautiful for Coryn

(Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Never miss it)

I'm not quite ready to write a reflection on the year yet, but I may just do a little cursory one for anyone interested.

This has been a whirlwind year! Lots has been done and seen and experienced, and I am the better, the happier, the healthier, the friendlier and the wiser for it. Of course, aren't we all? I hope each year makes all of us those things.

I started a tumblr account this week (check it out HERE). And I did this for two major reasons: a) I feel that I may be able to more easily add small pictures, quotes or music without feeling like I need to give an all out blog entry that takes a lot of proofing, re-writing and ultimately deleting for embarrassment. And b) my besty, Coryn, left the world of blogging and frivolity for 18 months in order to serve the people of Paris, France and when she comes back, I wanted to give her a nice cursory glance at what's been going on. It's nice because it gets more to the point and she can ask me about it later if she wants more detail. Then again, its nice for other people to give that as well. I love tumblr and facebook accounts for that reason. Not that I don't love blogs, but my friends with tumblrs very quickly and simply give a nice dose of their lives in their fun little tumblr posts. Twitter (which I unfortunately have as well) seems a little too mundane and random for my taste...even though I'm sure I could make it worth my while somehow.

Blogs, for me anyway, are for deeper reflection. So of course I'll still keep this up and write on it from time to time to reflect, but perhaps for more consistency it is best to check the ol' tumblr or facebook.

So, some current events for you: I really enjoyed Thanksgiving! It was lovely. I went to Tom's family's house and I can finally say that it is the first time I have spent Thanksgiving with another family. What a great one they are, too! Of course, my family wasn't altogether skipped either, as my awesome sister Ashley and my tubular brother Mitchell were able to throw together a nice little Thanksgiving feast of their own for all of us and their fellow student friends and roommates with no place to go. But did you catch that? That's right! I finally completed a bucket list goal:
A Rory and Lorelei Thanksgiving! For more information regarding this topic, please click here.

Happy Holidays Everyone! I am insanely excited about this past year, and the one to come!

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