Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You are a very beautiful late on this one

I should have been dead asleep last night for a freakishly early call time this morning, but instead, I stayed up and swooned over last week's episode of The Office. What a great episode. What a great ending. I'm getting progressively sappier. Love makes me incredibly sappy. What monster have I become?

And if this blog is about both me becoming a monster and the crazy day/weekend I just had, can it be considered a monster mash?

Badum...chhh (that's a phonetic drum roll).

What a great Halloween weekend! Filled with fun and friends and even some spookiness. I'm a lightweight compared to my roommate and friends though. They're ready to call ancient spirits back, and I'm prepared for it only if its Carey Grant and he wants to hug me and say, "Ah, you're getting soft red."

We went to The Altadena haunted forest and Cobb mansion and got swiftly turned away by a crazy police officer (just as I had gotten my nerve up....but not really) and then we went to Gravity Hill which MUST be experienced. I was thoroughly scared and impressed. And then we went to suicide bridge which was fun but JUST about did it for me. Matt serenaded us with creepy boom box delights as we walked among a forest-y area under the bridge and I felt certain that either Edward Cullen or Hannibal Lecter were about to appear, and I was really hoping it was Edward....and don't pretend that you wouldn't be relieved either!

Of course no one appeared in the end, but it was enough for me to go to bed thinking of The Aristocats (as my friends Suzanne and Michelle used to suggest when they were scared) after all, what could be scary about The Aristocats?

Of course, back in the day, the only thing that used to calm me down was the sound of David Letterman's voice, so when I was scared, I asked my parents if I could sit and watch him with them, and the world, for some deranged reason, was instantly right.

Go figure.

Here are some Halloween pictures. Mari B and Tiffani and I went as a trio and may have just come up with the world's best "reality" tv show.

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