Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You are a very beautiful the one with all the details

APRIL 30th, 2011!

No introduction needed for this blog entry. I figured I would give everyone a taste of what we know so far. We are ecstatic and anxious for the coming months. We spent the holidays somewhat together and with our families and did a mild amount of planning for the big day. The two things that everyone can be for sure about at this point is that it will be on April 30th and that it will be in Utah. The reception location will be finalized and announced shortly and soon we will set up one of those very modern facebook groups to get the addresses of those that would desperately like an invitation in the mail with our beaming faces on it.

Another exciting bit of wedding planning attended to? My dress. It was picked and purchased yesterday and it was almost an out-of-body experience. The wedding world has to be the most unprecedented around. It's not one that you can just go visit every so often. To be in it you must mean business. Which explains why I felt so out of my element yesterday. You are only going to know most of the questions to ask if you have done it before. Since I have not, it was like learning to speak a new language, in a very poofy dress. Surprisingly difficult I tell you.

Wedding planning is a vortex of options and it has dragged me in on a daily basis, until I go and play rock band with my brother. Never in your life will you be asked so much about your preferences, and never in your life will you have to have so many that you never knew you'd have to have. I admire women that are direct and sure about what they want, because the wedding experience for them must play out like an easily executed grocery list. Some girls I have spoken to say that they were able to organize the entire thing in a day, short of the dress. Who are these wunderkinds to the wedding world and how may I become like them?

Have I mentioned how insanely ecstatic I am for the coming months? I get to marry the most amazing and thoughtful guy in the world. Don't get me started on my birthday and Christmas gifts this year. I am in trouble with this one.

Thanks everyone for the amazing kindness and offers to help with the planning. I hope we get to hug all of you soon.


  1. Yay!!! I LOVE that it is in Utah - not for any love of the place, but because that means I CAN COME!!! So, what does one have to do to garner an invite to the sealing? And if it is Jon that will keep me off the list, I am willing to ditch him.

  2. Well, only if Jon isn't there. ;)

    We will get a numbers count for that ceremony and you shall know shortly. And just so you know, Utah was chosen so that the optimal amount of people such such as your and your awesome family would be able to attend. Oh yeah, and I guess its good for Tom, too. ;)

  3. I didn't plan my wedding in a day, but nearly. It's all I had with my mom. It was easy since one of my few talents in life is having an opinion on everything. You just have to know what you want and be willing to say it. Everyone will tell you what you should do (their personal tastes) and you just have to stand up for what you want to happen. That's how you make it special for you. Congratulations and good luck fending off the wedding wolves!

  4. You are going to be such a beautiful bride! Here is a secret I will tell you very privately on this public blog, I have started looking in to wedding planning and it was a bit too much for me. I totally know what you mean about... needing to have so many preferences and being out of your element. After some thought I decided I'm just not ready to do all of that (and then some), so no wedding for me very soon, but I can't wait to hear about all your planning adventures! Hopefully you can give me some tips when the time comes... Congratulations! :)

  5. You know, that man keeps me from being invited to more events than you could imagine! I mean, I am fairly certain that I would be invited to more red carpet events if it weren't for Jon. And don't get me started on what he has done to my relationship with Gerard Butler.

  6. We are all very happy for you and Tom! What a fabulously talented and lovely couple you make:)Best wishes with all the festive plans. Bill and I don't have FACEBOOKS (yes, I know...)but would be very sad to not receive an invitation. Excited it will be in Utah. Coryn, knowing this WOULD HAPPEN, wrapped and left a gift with us to give to you. (Also a fun excuse to get to see your awesome family again:)) Love to you!

  7. I can feel your glow from here!!! I am so excited for you. I am going to start making plans to be in Utah the end of April!!! I can't wait to see you, wish I could have come for your Birthday, but it's a little crazy here right now getting ready for the baby. I hope your birthday was just wonderful...
    ps, I need to see a picture of this ring!!! send me one soon!!!
    Love ya girl

  8. ps, I love this picture of you guys!!! Super cute couple!!!


  10. Everyone! Thanks for the comments and advice! Michelle, it is definitely hard to sift through. I need to catch up with you and here what your story is lately! :)

    Treble Clef :) I am so glad to get a comment from you on here! You're my mother away from my mother. And my family away from my family. And my friend! I miss Coryn so much, and it is killer that she can't be here. BUT, you were already on the top of our invite list, so don't you worry about that at all! And yes, when I move back to Utah, I reaaaaally want to come by and see my 'other' family. Thanks so much for the well wishes.

    Gentree! I hope you can be there, too! I know that you will be having a baby soon! Eeee! So exciting! If it gets to be too much during that time, keep in mind that we are having another reception in Houston, if getting to Utah is too hard. Thanks for the compliment, and I will send you a picture of the ring asap! :)

    And Emma! It is SO time to see each other. Its been too long since we've shared in a fun conversation! I so glad you can be there! :)

  11. you forgot to put a picture of the ring i'm supposed to be angry nick didn't get me, possibly causing a rollicking rift in our marriage (yes, tongue-in-cheek, but i DO want to see it, because it DOES sound gorgeous!).

    get on that, please.

    -elyssa, crawling out of lurkerdom