Thursday, February 24, 2011

You are a very beautiful corpse bride

Getting married is wonderful. Planning a wedding is WAH.

WAH is a word/sound that Tom's roommate, and my dear friend Robert, taught me almost three years ago. Although there isn't a working definition yet, I will give an unofficial one:

Wah is the verbal- and phonetically spelled- response to the feeling of being 'over it' or 'over' something that is becoming unduly challenging, dull, expensive, boring, or lame.

As Tom pointed out quite fittingly, weddings are a racket. When he first uttered it, two or so months ago, I smiled politely and sort of looked into the camera of my life, in my Ferris Bueller/Jim Halpert way, as if to say, "Little dear, what little he knows. Weddings aren't a racket, they're a beautiful world of lace and cakes and joy rolled into a single day."

Now I look into the camera as if to say, "Wah, Tom was right, weddings are the biggest racket of all!"

He was right. And ugh.

On a happier note, let's take a look at the progress.

Cermony Location: check
Reception location: check
Dress: A work in progress...check?
Catering: Ch...eck?
Family and Friends coming in from all over: An enthusiastic check!
Music: Check, check, check, one-two.
Invitations: ummm....

Yes, I know I had a choice early on, to either defy the 'wedding industrial complex' or fully embrace it. I haven't fully embraced it and I clearly didn't defy it either, and it turns out, you can't be on the fence. You have to either choose it all the way, or choose the Little White Wedding Chapel. I obviously haven't chosen the latter, so it looks like I might as well have my own show on the We network (which is, incidentally, NOT a network about a wireless gaming console).

It's not like I'm planning some sort of wedding of the century, sometimes referred to as a Mariah Carey or Fergie (Fergalicious?). It's just that people in the wedding business, as it were, aren't philanthropists. And how. Let's keep that close in mind. As I have been, for weeks now.

In other news, look who's getting married! On April 29th no less.


  1. Courtney, I think they are trying to steal your thunder by getting married the day before you. Dang royal family - always thinking it is all about them! That is why we started this country.

  2. YAY! Miss! Call me and I will help you!!

    PS: It's definitely a racket....

  3. I just love listening to you talk... or write... or reading what you say in your head and then type onto your lovely blogs!!! Miss you.

  4. Kate and William WILL NOT overshadow Courtney and Tom:) Happy planning! Wah is a good word...

  5. Check, check, check one, check two, sibliance, sibilance...