Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You are a very beautiful film (or the lack thereof) reviews

As luck would have it, some nights, amidst all of the chaos of (not saying the word, just use your imagination), I get the opportunity to enjoy the occasional dinner, movie or television show with Tom. These moments are so precious to me, and I’m pretty sure to us. Pressures on, Tom.

I love watching movies, and I love watching them more with Tom. As trite as it sounds, no matter what it is, we seem to have fun watching it. Enter--- Red Riding Hood. Yup, we saw it. Yup, it was cheeeeeesaaaaaay. Yup, I went with the intention of seeing Gary Oldman (don’t you judge me!) and it was a funny date, but still fun all the same.

In other news, WHAT’S with movies right now? Bummer in the summer, that’s what. Or, umm, splinter in the winter, I guess?

The last three movies we’ve seen together in theaters were disappointing. The Adjustment Bureau? Red Riding Hood? UNKNOWN!

Don’t even get me started on that train wreck. Hey, I’ve got an idea for a movie! How about we insult our viewers intelligence for 90 minutes by giving away the plot too early, incorporating two lines of dialogue, and then repeating it 120 times, just in case anyone missed it. As a screenwriter, I wanted to send hate-mail to the writer’s homes and then subject them to their own movie for punishment.

Eeeek, that was harsh. I just… ugh! It’s not like I was expecting that it was going to be “my” kind of a movie, and yes, Tom has every reason to tease me about complaining, because I was acting like a brat. It's just that I walked in there with such low expectations only to be let down even FURTHER than those, and they were already dismal.

It was like a movie made in the 90s, released now. I mean, my goodness, AIDAN QUINN IS IN IT! Didn't he stop working after like....hmm... Benny & Joon and Practical magic? Both 90s films, both in desperate need of Aidan Quinn to return to them.

I wanted to call Unknown the poor man's Fugitive, but after seeing it, I realize that the poor man's Fugitive would be so offended.

Also, hi, I’m January Jones, I am probably really good in Madmen, but in Unknown you might as well call my performance Stepford Wife #1: Redux…and NOT intentionally. Slow blinking? Really?

Ok, I’m not really sure what the redux is for, or if she’s actually #1. I was just…


Today, in the grocery store, I opened a freezer door to get some frozen veggies and the entire stock of everything in that particular section fell out on me….no joke. Sadly, this has probably tainted my day and this particular blog entry.

Sorry, general public. I’m still Courtney and I’m still happy. I just have to….talk about movies? I guess?

PS) I did, however, watch Julie and Julia again with my aunt two nights ago, and that was a fantastic second viewing. I had already really enjoyed my first, but this time, I was really appreciative of the characterization. It meant so much to me. I even got emotional several times (no biggie these days). The depiction of relationships in that movie is just….inspiring; Both as a writer and mostly as a human being.

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