Saturday, May 28, 2011

You are a very beautiful home improvement

I am watching Tom assemble the TV stand from Primm, Nevada (Primm = Hell in my estimation). I just spent the same amount of time making my first salad dressing ever. It was strange at first and then incredibly rewarding. And not because cooking is rewarding or that my womanhood is fascinating or anything. Actually, it is quite the contrary. In a Tim the Tool Man Taylor sort of way I found it rewarding because I LOVED beholding the power of my blender! All I had to do was throw in every ingredient after chopping and dicing and de-seeding and measuring, and then in about 30 seconds, I had a delicious dressing. My FIRST dressing ever. And as I listened to the powerful blender do its job, I beat my chest and roared, "That's right! Mama owns you! Arrrr arrr arrr!" (or however you write the Home Improvement noise).

This getting your life together thing can be pretty fun. I love our place more and more everyday. It is insanely exciting to see it take shape every day. And it takes that shape as we both compromise and agree. Tonight? Our first couch. Yesterday? Our first television stand. Beginning of the week? Our first television! I think we have the basics covered.

Oh jeez, toilet paper!!! We're going to need that, aren't we? I think we have decided that if we didn't register for it, we don't need it.

So, I got a new 'do, and a new couch today! Not too mention getting to marinate with brown sugar for the first time.


  1. Nice hair! I am glad that you are having so much fun putting your home together!!!

  2. Oh toilet paper... You could always just do what I did when I was younger. Got into the bathroom, perform you "business" and when you find out there isn't any toilet paper scream these words "SOMEBODY GET ME SOME TOILET PAPER!"
    They'll come a runnin' every time. Whether it be Tom or a neighbor... They always come...

  3. Thanks Morgan! It just needed to be done. The girl told me I had "straw hair." Yeah, that'll help your self esteem.

    And mason, I tried your method. For three days. And um, yeah...turn the news on every once in a while and you'll see how it all turned out.
    Front page headline: "Girl thinks toilet paper coming. Dies."