Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You are a very beautiful Belgium

Two nights ago, Tom and I decided it was time for dessert and as beautiful as the evening was, we decided that it was also time to explore this city we live in. So, we walked down our stairs onto the city streets, and took two whole steps to find ourselves at Bruges Waffles & Frites. I am sure many a person reading this has already been and can join me in my gushing. Holy mackerel! With each bite, and I kid you not, we stared at each other like children being bludgeoned in the gut with yumminess for the first time. These might sound like three different and isolated things, but I promise you, it makes sense in my head, and isn't that what this blog is for? Making sense of my head? Isn't it? [nervous shifting]

I'm serious, an innocent bystander would have thought we needed assistance to the nearest emergency room. We stared at each other like we had won the lottery with each bite while simultaneously wincing to take even one more; like some punishment from above was about to be incurred upon us. It was as if we had partaken of the forbidden fruit, and we knew we shouldn't (calories and such in our case) but that not enjoying the taste would have also meant some sort of terrible destruction on us both. So, we ate the authentic (that word has never been so delicious to me) Belgian Waffle with creme fraiche and strawberries on top. Hey, at least we shared one, and it wasn't large either. Of course, for full disclosure and review I must also admit that we got an order of their *small frites with andalouse dipping sauce and that also could have completed us.

Seriously, THESE were not fries, but something that Thor himself sent down from Asgard (but only the Kenneth Branagh Thor). It is worrisome really. It's like you taste such goodness in your life and you feel so blessed to taste it, and suddenly you feel a little like Hansel and Gretel, eating while looking over your shoulder to make sure the witch isn't firing up her oven. **

I have actually felt that way a lot lately. Like the witch is stoking the fire while I don't necessarily get fat in size, but fat in blessings and experience. Do you ever feel that way? I have felt it previously in my life, as a child I often felt it, mostly just because I knew there were those with much less (even when I had less) and it made me feel like I was Gretel and those children with less were being told my cautionary tale as a bedtime story.

I have remedied a lot of those feelings in my life by serving. I find that it is always best to share and serve and give of yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a blessed life (in so many ways, each one of us has one) but it becomes wrong when we are not giving ourselves to the service of others with those blessings. I know, this is a truism, but when I come to fully understand why a truism is true, I always feel compelled to make note of it, publicly. This usually makes wiser, well-versed people scoff at me. Nonetheless, Sunday school is week after week of truisms. So what if I am a student of life that feels compelled to make note of my discoveries, be they discovered already or not?

Anyway, we did engage in a wonderful walk and talk in the park (a la Aaron Sorkin and Nora Ephron ) after our trip to Belgium.

It was perfect, and I have to admit, it felt like our very own Central Park, and at that perfect-nearly-dusk hour, it really did. It was refreshing and wonderful. It gave us both a chance to talk a second or two about gratitude as well. A topic we're both very cautious to remember.

Anyway, this wasn't really what I meant to write. But here is a secret, and it is no lie: none of my blog posts come out as I intended to write them. One thing sort of just leads to another.

Goodnight friends, wherever ye be.

*Small my femur! It was a helping the size of my....something. I don't know yet. Just, know that it was big.

**Note to those that are worried that we just eat like crazy. We actually don't. Our meals for the most part have been sensible and healthy and we both workout (not terribly hard all the time, but we are active). Not to mention we only have dinners together, and our other meals (at least mine anyway) are rabbit portions (and sometimes taste like rabbit food). I realize that the last several posts mention food and might seem a little gluttonous. We eat mostly at our place, homemade, and always include fruits and vegetables. So, don't forget to get a half hour of exercise a day and to plant a tree. This public service announcement was brought to you by a paranoid blogger, afraid of your opinion.

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