Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Are a Very Beautiful Irresponsibily Awesome

This weekend, Tom and I made a lightening fast trip to Oakland, CA to see the Cars 2 Screening at Pixar, which is actually in Emeryville. We also spent a half day in San Francisco. It was impromptu, quick, and awesome! Tom had to be back last night and headed out yesterday morning for more being a professional filmmaker shenanigans. I love that man.

Pixar was a dream come true! We are very aware how lucky we are to get the opportunity to go. It was better than I could have imagined, and I have a pretty crazy imagination; For instance, I once imagined that I could keep a garden alive....more on that later. Bottom line, Pixar might be my favorite place ever, as per the following pictures:

(Sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken on Tom's iPhone in case Steve Jobs happened to walk by...kidding).

I experienced a lot of firsts! Saw San Francisco for my first REAL time, and on the way, I even got to see the Salt Flats in person! That made me happy. Maybe a little too happy...

I got to partake in my first San Francisco authentic Sour Dough bread bowl at Fisherman's Wharf and I must say, THAT is the true San Francisco treat.

(Jacob, with the appropriate face for such luxuries)

I thought they would send me to Alcatraz for too much enjoyment (shameless bragging about seeing Alcatraz). Seriously, it made me want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge (shameless bragging about going to the Golden Gate bridge). It was so good, I nearly ran down Lombard Street WITHOUT a car (shameless bragging about driving down Lombard street). Yes, it was so good I almost couldn't eat my Ghirardelli chocolate ( Lie! I did.)

(A bad picture of the Golden Gate Bridge)

(My cute husband looking at a trolley)

The screening at Pixar was awesome! The theaters are pretty darn rad. Cars is not my favorite Pixar film, but remember that Pixar's 'not my favorite' is most people's "I wish!" I am very aware that it has a WIDE audience of adoring fans. That's enough for me. We still laughed at all of the right parts and enjoyed the ride. Also, the opening shot looks phenomenal! And, as per usual, it had a strong theme, and characters with strong objectives. That last statement smacked of what you might call envy.

Most importantly, we got to see the Brave teaser and I nearly ate my eyeballs! I am REALLY stoked on this one. Be next year already!

Anyway, we had to come home. I would like it if my husband didn't have to run off to the other side of the country immediately. But on the BRIGHT side, I am knocking it out of the park with my writing in his absence. This is it, people! I'm writing the screenplay that I believe is to be my great big. . . .maybe.

Here is an appropriate emoticon to go along with that last statement:


And she's off!

PS) Jacob and Rachel, our wonderful hosts, have the most amazing house in Oakland that they have renovated by themselves. It is beautiful and inspiring and also discouraging because I am not HALF the do-it-yourself-er that these two are. They are a lot to live up to. They even fed us three spectacular meals on top of being as busy as Oprah Winfrey, only they didn't retire (that quitter).


  1. "Oh, I a-hates a-that Courtney!"
    Yosemite Sam's words were never more true...

  2. So Cammy and I are quite jealous. Last week, in fact, we saw a special "tour" of Pixar on ABC's Nightline and were saying what a blast that would be to visit there. And so you have:) I love San Francisco also. Hi to you both!

  3. I wish that you guys and my whole family could come visit! It was a total blast. It would be pretty much the ultimate place to work! I want to see that Nightline special!

    Don't hate me Mason! You will MORE than get your turn, but yes, I do wish you could have been there. We got you something special though.

    And Mom, I'm glad that I amuse you. :)