Monday, June 20, 2011

You are a very beautiful... A Love Letter.

(Note: For all of my readers just tuning it, the below love letter is the prize for guessing the answer to a HIGHLY cryptic logline from my last blog. My cousin, Morgan Joyner, won with her answer, "North by Northwest", ergo, her letter)

Dear Morgan,

This love letter is long overdue, and not just since last Thursday when you guessed the movie logline challenge correctly in which the prize was a love letter. But, it is also for being awesome in every sense of the word. You came to my wedding, you danced the night away, you're going to (or already have?) run the Disneyland marathon, which makes you pretty much crazy....crazy awesome! I have a Disneyland season pass and maybe I'll come up and watch you run it, while eating Dumbo ears and loudly cheering, "Go Morgan, nom nom nom!" When you're done, we'll get on the river rapids ride (forgot the name?) and you'll cool off quickly, and possibly, vomit. But you won't! Because this is a love letter, and you're awesome. You are a great mother, a great wife, a great student, a great supporter and a highly ambitious and motivated individual. If that isn't enough, you also pretty much have the best taste in music and movies and introduced me to the show Lost at a time when I REALLY needed it. Beyond that, remember that time you made homemade Fettucini Alfredo and it was perfect and then I stupidly doused it with Garlic SALT instead of Garlic Powder? That was sad and rad and bad. But bad like Michael Jackson, not bad like Rebecca Black.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I love you and will you marry....your husband again and again and again?

All of my mushiest and gushiest,

C. B. Morrill


  1. You are one gifted writer. Hey wait, isn't that what you went to school know to learn to write so the rest of us could sit and just drool over every word! great job, once again..C.B. Morrill :-)

  2. *sniff* Oh, Courtney *sniffle sniffle* this was just *sniffle* hold on, *sniffle* I can do this...just give me a minute...

    This was completely lovely. You are so wonderful, thank you for making me feel special. I am so glad to have you as a cousin - it definitely increases my awesomeness. Love you!