Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You are a very beautiful Urban Honey

"We can plant wildflowers on rooftops and be unorthodox urban honey pioneers."

(Courtesy of the best show ever, Pushing Daisies, RIP)

Although last week presented scads of humorous and not-so-humorous husbandless moments, I am happy to report, with the expert help of a friend, Heidi Hathaway, I was able to begin the process to a lifelong aspiration: An Urban Garden. Now, to achieve such a feat, I had to have two things (two things that I was very aware I would need). 1) An urban setting, preferably in the form of a rootop of my own. And 2) A garden. However, I realize that the garden part would be obsolete in this case without a true green thumb to help me out. Enter Heidi Hathaway.

So, I have found myself suddenly with the rooftop terrace part covered (pun intended) and with the garden part pending, except I now had a friend who didn’t mind going all over the greater Salt Lake area with me to track down my best starts.

As much as we loved the idea of going to a local nursery and supporting smaller business, let’s face it: Lowe's is cheap and offers the same things. I know, I should just suck it up and spend the money to support locals, but let’s all heave a deep sigh and admit that the convenience of Lowe's couldn’t be beat either. One stop shopping at its best.

Tom was soon to be arriving, and in my “I’ve seen too may romantic comedies” way, I was planning on having some type of sublime Versailles-like reveal for him when he arrived, a la Mark Ruffalo in Just Like Heaven. You know, as long as I’ve worked in film (which isn’t that long) you’d think I’d come to understand the smoke and mirrors aspect to film making. You know…set designers, costumers, directors, exorbitant budgets. None of which I was working with, excepting of course, a true and dedicated hard worker with experience under her gardening AND film making belt (which you can buy at Lowe's, just not the experience or film making part).

So, even though I didn't quite get the Oscar worthy reveal, Tom was quite pleased and surprised, and we did plant what I would call a great start. I have been obsessively checking on my slice of a garden every few hours since I've had it. It is sort like having a pet, but not really. And it is sort of like having a baby, but not really at all.

I like it. I like it a lot. Thanks, Heidi.

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