Thursday, July 7, 2011

You are a very beautiful Michael Bay-by.

(4th of July at Spring Mobile Ballpark. They let us watch fireworks on the field!)

This past weekend was charged with great times and great news. I find it slightly less than humorous that I am able to write more often when I am in a funk, depressed, dissatisfied, or some huge life event has taken place. And yet, when things are the kind of perfect that Knight's slay dragon's for, my writing gets unreliable. Well, my blog writing anyway. So, it is the ridding of this habit that I wish to achieve with this post.

In married news, Tom returned for us to enjoy a spectacular 4th of July weekend together, and it ended with two of my favorite things: Baseball and Fireworks. Over the weekend, we went to the farmer's market and we saw a great movie or five. You see, when Tom and I have been apart for a while, it seems to only make sense to overindulge in movies, as if that is what has really been missing for two weeks.

I have a hard time articulating how great it is to watch movies with Tom. Such a hard time, that all Tom and I could repeatedly say this weekend, after our Guy Movie Marathon, was "I really like watching movies with you!" To which he would reply, "I was just thinking the same thing!" and then we'd go back to blood- footed Bruce Willis killing Fabio-esque German terrorists.

We both remarked on how much my standards for film have lowered, and yet, this was NOT a bad thing. During our walks to the theater (see, we're not completely lackadaisical) I realized that I will see ALMOST anything now. Meaning, I am not a genre snob or even a director/producer/actor snob anymore. It has to do with 1 part Tom and 1 part becoming a mainstream screenwriter. When I see these movies, it isn't because I know that it's the finest form of art, but I am going to see what they teach me, how I can make my scripts the same or better, or what to NEVER, EVER do, like have your characters start talking to themselves with shameful exposition because you couldn't find other ways to express it(Yep, I'm talking to you Die Hard 2: Die Harder). And Tom helped me realize how great it is to get out and see what is being made and to truly enjoy myself with joyful abandon for a couple of hours.

For a long time there, if you asked me to go to a movie with you that might be say, the 4th sequel in a series or involved the words "...With a Vengeance" in the title, I would either find a way out of it, say no, or laugh at the very thought. SNOBBERY!!! SNOBBERY!!! SNOBBERY!!!

I am relieved and happy to announce that this is no longer the case and the best proof you'll ever need that people can change. Redemption: it is a true and living thing.

There goes the hyperbolic neighborhood.

So, what about you? What did you do this past weekend? How did you celebrate your freedoms? Did you maybe watch transforming robot cars kill other transforming robot cars and also most of the city of Chicago? If you did, I joined with you in giving Michael Bay, my favorite person alive, a nice and early Christmas bonus.


  1. Sounds like you are settling well into wedded life:) I'm jealous you have a hubby who enjoys movies with you. I love my hubby dearly, however, he has never been much of a movie watcher with me (only the traditional flicks we like and quote as a family) and so Coryn and Court have been my movie buddies over the years (with his blessings). Hi to Tom and keep happy!

  2. Oh, just rub it in that you guys have the best set up.