Thursday, July 21, 2011

You are a very beautiful Tinkerbell is mean but....

I have had a crisis of passion this week. Is it ok to love doing something that other people think you're bad at? When someone says, "You're not good at this," Do you press on or give up gracefully?

On the one hand we all know the stories of someone who pushed through others' opinions to become, I dunno, Einstein or Charlie Chaplin; but on the other hand, we all know stories of say, Ed Wood, William Hung or Rebecca Black.

Aside from all of the wonderful women and young ladies in my life, can I admit that females are the worst sometimes? They say things like, "She is the stupidest, ugliest, untalented, fattest" and add, "But she's nice." That's like saying, "I just bombed Germany, but...they have good chocolate." As if the burning flesh will repair with the addendum.

And sometimes girls let their curiosity about what others think about them kill their proverbial cat. They put their nose where it's unsound to be; where it could get chopped off. See the previous paragraph for places a nose might get chopped off.

I am not exempt from either behavior, but I want to be.

This week I wish I could prove to be both exempt from unfortunate girl traits, but exceptional in overcoming what others think of me.

I know, this is cryptic. Sorry.

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