Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You are a very beautiful Pan the Man

I hesitate saying it, but, the only reason I'm writing is because I haven't in a while. I love this blog, but lately I've been loving work. Work has included copious amounts of writing. This makes me incredibly happy. I'm a working writer (every kind of writing). I think I subconsciously realized this blog was not paying me to write it, so my updating became a little scarce.

I'm sorry, this is no way to treat you blog. You deserve to know things like why I don't like flavored greek yogurt, or how Tom and I surprisingly got passes to Seven Peaks, or pictures of how Tom's birthday went. But alas, I've been preoccupied with writing my fingers off. Besides, Robert hasn't sent me the pictures of Tom's birthday yet (that's right, ya burnt!) and I really like to spend my free time watching the first season of Raising Hope.

Did I mention Tom's gone again? I guess I didn't. Well, he is. Boring.

Today a homeless young man that looked like Rufio from Hook asked me if I knew where my pinches were. I wish I did.

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