Monday, August 22, 2011

You're a Very Beautiful Wonder Woman's BFF Maybe?

If I were a super hero right now, I would be Infection Woman.

Infection Woman uses her astonishing ailment power to fight crime and woo Bruce Wayne, but will he figure out the cure and thus end her crime fighting career? Tune in for the next INFECTION WOMAN! [a chorus of females sing] "INFECTION WO-MAN!"

Yes, I've been sick a lot lately. Not sure why. I need to be better about vitamins I suppose, maybe start taking them by syringe. Or I should get back to working out. The trouble of it is, it's hard to workout when you're sick...all...the...time!

In other news, my slow mutation into a Zombie is in it's first stages. Behold! Flesh eating bacteria:Tom has not been hitting me, I promise. This is a rare and rarely serious skin infection that I usually get when I'm sunburned. It's name: impetigo. Kind of sounds like it could be my super villain, doesn't it?

I have not been sunburned, so this is a rare occurrence of this rare skin infection.

Oh well, I'm diseased. Stay back. Oh wait, you already were.

Please play this now....


  1. Sorry that you are mutating into a zombie - that is a tough break. Try to refrain from biting and infecting your husband - the last thing the world needs right now is a zombie outbreak.

  2. Sympathies to you:) I had impetigo all over my chin in 9th grade and got sent to the office and then sent home...they were freaked about how contagious it was. Then I had an outbreak while one my mission right before I was to sing at a big event. I put a huge bandaid over it, which doesn't help, but at least people didn't have to be grossed out looking at it. I'm sorry you have not felt well. Take those vitamins and drink lots of water. Love to you.

  3. I have never met someone else with impetigo! Do you ever get it now? It's sort of strange, isn't it? And completely uncomfortable for sure. I, too, have tried the band aid thing, to shield the eyes of the innocent if for nothing else. I am getting better about water and vitamins this week. We'll see where it takes me. Love to you too!

  4. Morgan, I think Tom and I would make excellent zombies. We kill a lot of them together on Black Ops. We know their every move, and, we know how to get them out of the pentagon.

  5. But all that means is that you would know exactly how to avoid those people hunting you down, and you would be able to spread your zombie infection that much faster = bad news for me and the rest of the human population.