Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You are a very beautiful Dead Grandma, Alive Me

I know, I fell off the face of the blog planet again. No excuses. But I will take a vow of silence if that makes it better . . . .
. . ..

After this, though!

Tomorrow marks the launch of the web series Dead Grandma; co-written and co-directed (and perhaps acted in, shhhh!) by yours truly and my California besties.

Please make an effort to watch it. It should be up around 12pm, and for ten weeks thereafter a new episode will be comin' atcha.

As a refresher, this show meant the world to me and my friends in LA, and my sweet producer husband. Getting everything together to finally go live has had me reminiscing of on those good ol' days and the times we all shared. Below are some production and post-production pictures that have taken me down memory lane.

PLEASE tune in at ! PLEASE like us on facebook! PLEASE tell everyone you know about it!

The fruits of our labors at the Dead Grandma Premiere. And my last night in LA. :(
With my Mari B(hearts) and my Tiffani(flowers) at the DG premiere
w/Bff Tiffani at our Dead Grandma benefit concert
Seeing our show up on a gigantic outdoor 'screen' was epic
A little bit of group fun at Disneyland was a must
DG character "Judy" hanging out in her bedroom
One of my favorite screen captures from the show
Working hard in Pre-Production
Watching some funny casting session videos
The Cast and Crew at our first table read
We look legit don't we?

Our First Casting Session. Aren't we welcoming?
And my personal favorite of the DG gang. Nate is especially the best.


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