Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You are a very beautiful The Juices are Flowing!

Hi There!

Did you watch Dead Grandma last week? I hope you did. And I hope you join us again this week for our next episode, Ice Cream.

So, as per my new sisters request (new sister meaning sister in-law) I am going to try to blog a little more--she's getting better too, so that we can continue to eStalk each other (is that a website yet? Because if it isn't, I want it). As I said before, I have been getting pretty wrapped up in my other writing, but that's no excuse for keeping things silent over here. Of all my writing, this is by far the most therapeutic and honest, and that explains a lot actually. It explains why I've needed therapy lately and why I've been lying so much.

Just kidding.

So, what's new, you ask? What isn't, I say.

Turns out that I've become a juice enthusiast. Not just any juice--fresh squeezed, micro nutrient juice. I've dragged my willing husband with me on our new little adventure into juicing for health. We got our Breville Juicer in the mail and let's just say this juicer is one bad mother--shut yo' mouth. I'm just talkin' bout juicin'. [If you didn't know that that was a reference to song Shaft by Issac Hayes, I will be disappointed and you will be confused.]

Why, you ask? Well, remember that one blog post about me feeling crumby all the time? Well, about a month ago I decided to do something about it--something that didn't require drugs. And voila! The birth of Courtney and Tom's juice baby. On top of all of the other things I've been doing to get better -- and there could quite honestly be a part 1 and part 2 blog about all of that stuff-- I have decided that may some honest to goodness, no additives, pure veggie and fruit juice could do me a lot of good. And, we've been starting in the last couple of weeks (before the Breville) and it truly has. I've felt at least 85% better. Wonderful, eh?

Behold! The Beast!This... machine...is...AWESOME! I kid you not, I have never seen something do its job this well...I don't do MY job this well. You get like 80% more juice than a regular juicer's yield and it takes roughly 5 seconds to have a complete 8 ounce glass of juice. Remember the proud grunting I used to do with my blender? Yeah, there was more of that grunting today.

Come over for a juice anytime.

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