Monday, October 24, 2011

You are a Very Beautiful Crisp

The following is an unpaid advertisement for honey crisp apples:

Honey crisp apples are the Michaelangelo, the Michael Jordan, and the Aaron Sorkin of apples. My parents first introduced me to honey crisp apples when I was visiting over the summer. I can see Eve partaking of these apples, even if unprovoked. They’re that good.

If I haven’t bragged about my husband today, I will now. Tom cuts me apples every morning so that I can snack on them at work, instead of the Dr Pepper my bosses taunt me with in the mini-fridge. Tom puts the apples in a little ziplock bag and sends me on my way. He’s like a dad-husband. And I mean that in a good way. Not like a sugar daddy, but he can be that too.

Anyway, we went to Whole Foods the other day to get me an excessive amount of candied ginger chews (there will be a post on that in the future), and we also bought some honey crisp apples and about twenty oranges (for juicing).

Here is the yumminess on my desk.

Was this a dumb post? Probably. Is this as exciting as my life gets sometimes? Yes.


  1. what about the gala???

    once when i was 14 and waiting for a very long time in a hospital room for some tests, a very friendly male nurse (it always makes me laugh how people feel the need to add that gender particle) entertained my mum and me for a full 30 minutes solely enlightening us on the merits and superiority of the gala apple. i've been weirdly partial ever since.

    just making sure we keep things well-rounded over here.

  2. Gala's are a close second for me. But I wonder if that's mostly because they have a glamorous name? "Come to my costume Gala," or "Eat this Gala apple." it's all pretty alluring.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! You know my love for apples and my favorite are honeycrisp!!

  4. :) You're welcome, Matt. And funny related story--when we went into whole foods to buy these apples, there was a big jug of your favorite apple cider right there on the ground, and I said to Tom, "Aw, man. I miss Matt. He would probably be asking for free samples of that right now." (they did have free samples by the way).