Monday, October 31, 2011

You Are a Very Beautiful: Happy All Hallows Eve!

If I've been little quiet over the weekend it's because I had one of the best ones ever. Tom is a great surpriser. And the reason I throw caution to the wind and make up a word like surpriser is because he truly is. He has surprised me time and time again, and this weekend was no different. So, in an effort not to bore you with obnoxious details, I will simply disclose that I came home from work on Monday afternoon to find this greeting me at the front door....

The letter told me to pack a bag and trust him. When he showed up later in the afternoon, I was excited and nervous (some of the things he told me to pack sounded like we might have been going bear hunting). He ended up taking me to Park city for the weekend. We stayed in a wonderful hotel, enjoyed wonderful spa services and thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather of Park city. Call me Zsa Zsa.

Afterwords, he indulged me by agreeing to one of my won't-take-no-for-an-answer ideas. We went to a beautiful pumpkin patch in Farmington, Utah. It was better than I could've expected (sans the apple cider, which was glaringly absent). We made out like pumpkin bandits. Let's just say that I would have gladly sat in the pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin with Linus. That Sally was such a murmurer.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Happy Halloween to all! I hope you all dress in something really topical this year like, myspace or something. It's so popular right now.

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