Friday, October 28, 2011

You Are a Very Beautiful: It’s That Time of Year When…

…I dust off my limited, somewhat comical, crafty side. I have a theory about myself that I could ruin a craft project that involved no more than popsicle sticks and glue. Why do I have this theory about myself? I suppose it’s because it’s a fact. I believe firmly that I can take something beautiful, cutesy, or chic and turn it into something that even grandmother’s won’t display (speaking of which, did you watch Dead Grandma this week? I directed this one. Give me a gold star, mama!).

In spite of my painful awareness of my craft deficiency, I have pushed on for my future children’s sake, or at least to prove that I do in fact have estrogen flowing in my body.

A few years back my friend Heather helped me delve into a craft project that I felt confident I couldn’t screw up: crocheting. Turns out you can screw it up so much worse than most things, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Over the years, I have crocheted flower buttons, makeup bags, hats, gloves, and of course, scarves—with each one having their own trial and error process. Some of them never came out of the error bit, and I STILL gave them as gifts. Waste not, want not.

So, as we come upon this colder season, I pull out my crochet hooks and my crazy assortment of yarn balls, and start thinking of new things to crochet. I really want to crochet a piano keyboard scarf this year, but I feel that it might be out of my area of expertise (that word and I seldom go hand in hand).

So, anyway you slice it: Crochet! I'm coming for you! Watch out. And for anyone interested, I will post instructions and my progress.


  1. Oh I want to learn! I tried to teach myself this summer but... that did not work out so well

  2. never could get past the part where you turn around and come back in crochet, so i'd make these forever-long... strings.

    and then once i made a giant scarf (really giant) full of knobs and holes that actually, when held up from the ends and allowed to fall to the ground, had the shape of a merman with very stubby arms. and still i gave it as a gift. i'm right there with ya--i spent like 10 hours on it, why would i NOT give it?? ; )

  3. So call Aunt Steph....she knits beautifully and crochets too. (: Not in my bag of tricks. I did crochet around a baby blanket. You need one? (: haha

  4. ok so you know who wrote the above comment. heehee

  5. m so glad to see that other people share my love/hate/fear of crocheting. I don't really hate it though. It's therapy. Elyssa, your comment cracked me up. Been there myself . And Jordan, I would love a crochet buddy if you want to relearn. And "Greg" I am glad I know who it really is :)