Saturday, October 22, 2011

You are a very beautiful Nature's Bounty

Tom and I enjoyed a lovely fall morning at the farmer's market. We live across the street from it and they are on their last weeks. We're trying to savor as much as possible.

Today's trip gave me the distinct feeling that I had walked into Stars Hollow (see Gilmore Girls). There was even a troubadour playing! All we needed was a gazebo and lightening fast dialogue (don't worry, I took care of that).

Without tons of explanation, here are some pictures of the spoils of our day.

So grateful for this man and so grateful for jalapeno jelly.

With Love and Gratitude (and Peach Salsa),


Jalepeno jelly--who knew?

Our Spoils

A scholar and a gentlemen. But mostly a good fresh juice maker.

A Farmer's Market Breakfast of Champions (w/ our own fresh squeezed orange juice).

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