Thursday, November 13, 2008

About this Blog

My name is Courtney. I'm a writer (screenwriter, copywriter, blog writer...etc). I work for an online marketing company and spend the rest of my time being a newlywed with my film producer husband Tom and our zero children and zero pets. That said, we watch a lot of movies, learn a lot about running a household together, and I write a lot. And if I'm not writing, I'm talking about writing. But that's not really the meat of this blog. Read on.

What is this Blog About?

It seems to me that in the last several years of my life I've become overwhelmed by the amount of "big kid" stuff I don't know how to do, or, that I'm just learning to do (I could author a blog about my love of Real Simple magazine, just for all of the every day life stuff it teaches me). So this blog has evolved into a forum where every reader can learn to do new things with me or add their interesting methods, advice, recipes, etc. I reckon you know a lot of stuff that I don't know, and who knows? Maybe I'll have something to share from time to time. Let's learn together!

What's with That Crazy Title?

Admittedly, I should probably nix this title, but I've grown fond of it over the years. You Are A Very Beautiful Children came about when my friend Coryn showed me an awful post on a certain online celebrity fan forum. The author of the post was not a native english speaker (clearly) and was quite outraged by this celebrity 'growing up too fast'. One of the lines that tickled us the most was, "...She is a very beautiful CHILDREN!!" I suppose she meant child. Either way, it stuck. Thus, the birth of this blog. I might eventually change the title to something less nonsensical and head scratching, but for now, it stays. As for my URL? I really do have asthma.

Above all, I would like this blog to be one gigantic tips, tricks and advice blog. I feel like I'm a little seedling sometimes and that people's advice is the water that helps me grow.

So come on! Let's learn together.

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