Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Are A Very Beautiful: 7 Months

Tom and I are coming up on our 7 month anniversary. How quickly time flies. Some of my friends (hi guys!) commented that it seems like the wedding just happened. It did...7 months ago.

(Unfortunately, this is the most recent couple picture of us.)

(Our first Christmas tree)

Has anyone else noticed, in an interesting turn of events, that you actually learn a little more about yourself in marriage then you do about the other person? At least initially. That seems selfish, but I'm referring to my flaws and habits in this case. Tom, too. We were musing on this the other day during a walk. He said, "I realized that men just take things differently than women, and that sometimes I still act like I'm in the company of men...and that's a no-no." I wish I could have retorted with something really witty or feminist instead of my actual response: "Yep."

I have to admit it, I've never felt more female then being married. Does that make sense? Marriage brings out all of the standard "boys do this, girls do this" nonsense (truthiness) that we try to avoid when we're single and trying to be rock stars. I'm still trying to be a rock star, but some days I fail when I start crying about something Tom said that was actually supposed to be a compliment. That is NOT rock star. Mick Jagger doesn't care what NOBODY says about him. NOBODY! But this isn't necessarily boys vs. girls traits since the majority of women I know don't respond like I do to such things.

You see, it turns out that I cry about most things he says. And that's not his fault. It's neither of our faults. It's some sort of marriage mystique that I can't figure out. When I was single and he said something that made me sensitive, I would just get super rock star and wreck his hotel room and throw a TV in his pool. Marriage changes that. Because it's MY hotel room and MY pool now. This is a poor analogy that I'm not even following anymore...you shouldn't either.

Anyway, emotionally speaking, marriage has changed my life and rendered me more self-aware. Tom will have to speak for himself I suppose, but I will say this--we have big fun. He make-a my dreams come true. Here's to a lot more anniversaries that will far exceed 7 months.

PS) Sometimes on the eve of an anniversary, a perp breaks into your car and your husband spends hours cleaning up the glass while you're at work. These are realities. And husbands, at this time, deserve a lot of love.


  1. You learn more and more as you go along, Courtney. And before you know it you are coming up on your 13th anniversary and you still don't know it all, but you are amazed at how much you do know! Congrats on the seven months :)

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. We're just coming up on our 1 year anniversary and that was the FIRST thing I noticed about being married: my emotions are terrifyingly connected to my husband's: He has a bad day at work/school--I cry about it! He's sick and feeling icky--I cry about it! So, you're not alone, I'm a big married cry baby too...