Sunday, November 13, 2011

You Are Very Beautiful: I Have a Problem...

...Well, two problems but one of them is a direct result of the first problem.

I have unexpectedly become a collector (and user) of female beauty products. They are beginning to overtake our bathroom cabinet--and it's a tall, free-standing cabinet. This is a) not fair to my husband and b) not going to work anymore. Use the mental image of *Violet Beauregard gradually turning into a human blueberry to fully understand the volatile nature of this cabinet.

So, besides the fact that I have gone through the cabinet and committed a mass genocide on all unnecessary/old products (I'm sorry, it had to be done, temporary pink hair color from 2002), I am now left with the stuff I still need...OK, or want, *grumble*.

My makeup is the biggest issue so far. It's outgrown my little makeup bag, and it just won't stay neatly in the little tackle box I once used. So, I have decided to store it in the nearest drawer to the sink. But I want to store it neatly.

This is where you come in, friends. How do you organize such items? Have any of you ever stored makeup or beauty products in a drawer before? Have you done it neatly? Men can pitch in too. You KNOW you like to organize your man stuff like beard trimmers and table saws, and, and...yeah.

So far, I am considering some kind of Ikea apparatus to add to the drawer. Something that creates compartments maybe?

How do you store your indulgent beauty products? May I copy you?

*my cousin informed me that I initially used the wrong name. I wrote Veruca Salt. Careless of me.


  1. I have to say Courtney, I am a little disappointed, as it is not, in fact, Veruca Salt who turns into a blueberry, but Violet Beauregard. I expect more from you. ;)

  2. By Jingo, you're right! What's wrong with me? Am I slipping???
    I corrected it and included a retraction at the bottom. :)

  3. Might sound kinda tacky to some, but I've seen people frame and cover a sheet of that aluminumy(real word?)metal with a cute cut of fabric, glue magnets to the back of their compacts and stick em up there. You can even attach matchy cups to store the brushes. In a drawer, I've got nothing more creative than using little mesh/plastic divider, uh, thingys. Good luck!

  4. Nashelle! That is the coolest idea for the magnets, if I could actually muster the devotion to do it! But I totally used the plastic divider in the drawer. It's wonderful! I will post pictures soon. Great advice!