Monday, November 7, 2011

You Are a Very Beautiful: Just Workin' On My Fitness

Tom and I folded and got a community gym membership. For the record, this is the first time in my life I’ve had a gym membership. Remember how this blog is about new things I’m learning to do? Well, here’s a new one. Now, although I have been to gyms before and used most all of the equipment, I have always been disenfranchised when it comes to actual gym memberships. So, now we’re fully franchised (I don’t think that’s the right word either time). We try to get there when we can.

As many blog posts give the impression that the writer lives some sort of charmed life, I offer you full disclosure:

We are NOT gymmies, yogis, pilaters, or any other fitness proficient moniker (most of which I just created). But we do attend and try our hardest to work out for longer than 30 minutes. I get bored really quickly.

Question: What do you guys do to keep yourselves motivated and un-bored at the gym or in your workouts? Or how do you quit staring at the genetically improbable hard bodies around you?

There was a girl at the gym last time that had every man, woman and child staring at her. She had a great body and was wearing almost nothing. I would have been appalled if I wasn’t staring, too. I did stop looking and roll my eyes though. Yeah! That’ll show her!


  1. You can do interval training, which burns more calories and works your muscles because you are constantly changing it up. 10 minutes on a cardio machine, then 10 minutes or so on weight machines, the back to the cardio for 10 minutes, back to weights, so on and so forth, for as long as you like. You can also fight boredom by looking to see what machine someone is heading for, then running to hop on it before they get to it. The calories you burn in the subsequent fist fight are astronomical.

  2. Find a machine with a TV, put on your favorite program, and just go for it! Or! Go on the bike and bring the Ensign or some other book that interests you. Or bring your iPod or something. You can take full advantage of those bodies, too... "I'm gonna look like that....I'm gonna look like that..." That helps me sometimes. =) Good luck!

  3. oh and with the tv, make sure you bring can be dizzying to have to read the subtitles lol

  4. Music! You love it. Get lost in it and you forget you are stressing out your muscles! (:

  5. I listen to action movie soundtracks. I pretend I'm doing something important. Like I'm James Bond. Or I'm being chased by thugs. I'm not making this up! And don't make fun of me because it really works. You're blood starts pumping and you start going harder... You can pretend you're being cased by zombies...

    If you're in to stuff like that... Hehehe

  6. People often talk about weight lifting. How much can you bench? The only time I benched anything was when they made me in 8th grade gym class.

  7. Great tips everyone! I have actually used each of them this week.

    Mason, the James Bond one got a little weird, but at least it makes Tom happy.

    Danielle, I definitely like to watch things when I'm on the elliptical, and I learned a valuable lesson about moving quickly while reading subtitles. BAD.

    Annette, music is my absolute favorite so far. I should have known.

    Morgan, your idea, mixed with music has kept me working out all week. Great advie.

    James, I'm with you 100%. I don't "bench" things, is how I like to put it. And I didn't even have to in 8th grade.