Friday, November 11, 2011

You are a very beautiful: My First Poll

(Shameless Picture of an Adorable Dog in a Santa Hat... for your trouble)

Since the holidays are upon us, and I'm beginning my descent into Christmas shopping(yes, descent is the proper word), I'm trying to really get to the heart of what makes good Christmas gifts this year. So, I'm doing some research. This poll is meant to gauge what you think were some of your better presents, but if you would like to expound via comment, that would help me get a better sense of the kinds of gifts that have brought you the most joy over the years. And no, this isn't a love language test; I'm not trying to figure out if you're greedy or materialistic or really down to earth (I'm assuming we're all a little everything). Just want to figure out what kinds of presents really speak to people.

What Was the Best Christmas Gift You Ever Received?


  1. So it was actually a wedding gift, not a Christmas gift. It was a sign thing like I made for you guys (it had a saying though, not our names). We liked it, and then she told us she made it...and then we LOVED it! That's when I decided to start to make those for gifts...for all occasions...seriously. Everyone except for sister has loved them (and that's because she was 15 and when you're 15 you just want expensive things, right?) Good luck!

  2. That's great! Good to know, and awesome that you're so crafty on your own. I'm working on it. Not quite there (probably never will be) but I'm working on it.