Sunday, December 18, 2011

You Are a Very Beautiful: When You're Sick

(The View)

My husband woke up at 6:30 in the morning to buy me ginger ale... without my asking or expecting or even hoping.

I had been experiencing the effects of what we think was an angry, vigilante chicken sandwich and I had very physical results to prove it.

Tom did this along with all of his other horrifically busy tasks of the day. Quite honestly, these next three days for him will be daunting at best.

My husband is a wonderful example to me the kindness that I should cultivate within myself. Such a busy person exhibiting consistently thoughtful behavior.

As I have stayed in the bed all day, contemplating him, his goodness, and occasionally thinking of how bad it is to be truly sick, I have been hit with inspiration: No excuses for not serving others, no excuses for not cultivating talents, no excuses. Unless, of course you're truly unwell and the bathroom has become your BFF or more appropriate, frienemy.

So for the other days of the year when I am in good health, there are no excuses.

Well, not great ones anyway

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  1. Well at least you guys are all competitive! I think I am the only really competitive one in my family and then I just look like a complete jerk when all the trash-talking is coming from me! ;)
    Glad you guys had such a great Christmas and New Year's. I think we'll be out in May for the wedding and other shenanigans.