Friday, January 6, 2012

You're a Very Beautiful: Holiday Hunger Games

We played a lot of games over the Christmas break. Morrills and Brannings, apparently, like games. More than games, we appear to like competition. More than competition we appear to like trash talking. More than trash talking we appear to get our panties so wadded up that we forget we're playing these 'games' for 'fun'. We all apologize, we all laugh, everyone gets their turn eating a little crow, and dishing out a little crow, and then we go to bed happy. Most of the time.

(A particularly crazy hearts hand I had)

The Morrill's really like Hearts and the Brannings really like Dominoes. It doesn't matter which one we're playing, There Will Be- Almost- Blood each time we play. Tom and I do not spare each other either.

Our last night, I reveal in shame, I got pretty angry at my husband for passing me some gnarly cards in Hearts, and then, giving me the queen of spades in the same round (the ultimate doom in the game of Hearts). I didn't talk to him for two rounds. I felt justified.

Three rounds later, I passed him some gnarly cards, and then, with the help of his dear mother, I dashed his hopes of shooting the moon. I felt justified again because he was in
the lead. He didn't see it that way that time around (understandably) and once again, the cycle of crow eating and crow dishing came around with a vengeance. He wouldn't talk to me, I tried to give him a back rub (it always sort of works). His father had to
remind us that "This is how the game is played." Which is as true as true gets, even if it bites the big one to lose sometimes.

Dominoes with my family is not much different. Anytime someone takes the lead, we accuse that person of cheating, sorcery and poor sportsmanship. None of which ever apply, except for maybe sorcery (the most logical conclusion).

I love the holidays and I love holiday games. And I love learning about the human condition during them.

A list of games we played this Holiday Season:

Farkle (Thanks Parkin Family)
Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
Helicopter Landing Courses (really fun)

Here are pictures of our fun holiday adventures. We had a great 2011 and we're excited for 2012:


  1. Hey Courtney, I am glad I found your blog. Looks like you had a good visit to Texas. Thanks for replying to my Facebook status about babysitters, you are so thoughtful. We need to have a girls' night sometime.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! We are game players too - you should come out and play with us!

  3. Paula, thanks for commenting! I'm NOT that thoughtful. I need to be more thoughtful. And as far as girls nights! PLEASE!!!??? I could really use one! Let's set a real plan in motion.

    Morgan, I would LOVE to play games with you guys! Just as long as everyone's prepared to deal with the sorriest bunch of sore losers in the world. ;)