Friday, February 24, 2012

You are a Very Beautiful: It's Surgery not Sugary

Today I wrote my dear friend, L.L, and I was supposed to be asking her how her 'surgery' went. But all that came out - roughly six times - was 'sugary'. I know this was a confectionery Freudian slip because for the past week and a half, the hubs and I have been on an eating plan, that I am refusing to call a diet (but for the record, it IS a diet, in the sense that the word 'diet' is actually used in the title).

We have been on The CarbLovers Diet for the past week and a half. I was going to write a post each day of the week to record our progress, but I'm afraid that other things consumed me. Carbs mostly.

I'm not super interested in giving the long play-by-play that I would have given, so here is some nutshelling for you.

In short, Tom and I gained a lot of weight over Nov-Dec-Jan-and a little bit of feb. By a lot, I mean, more than either of us have ever gained. So we decided to do something NOT drastic, but tasty, and sustainable. I found this diet book, read RAVE reviews of it, and when I saw that you could dive right in - you know, without having to do ten days of raw veggies first -I was totally on board. Like a cruise, or something, but not at all.

The results? I will simply disclose that both of us lost a very healthy amount of weight, and Tom is totally the biggest loser. Is it wrong that I get jealous of men losing weight so easily (and so much) as opposed to women's rates of weight loss? Yes, I know it is wrong, especially being like half Tom's height and probably half his weight.

But, before I get ahead of myself, I want to show you the DELICIOUS things we got to make and eat this week. Seriously? This is a diet? AND we saw great results? Do I sound like a Nutrisystem commercial yet? I hope so. Maybe I'll get sponsored.

(That's a REAL hamburger, and veggie bean salad. Very, very good)

(One of our favorite meals of the whole week, Salmon and Potatoes)

(This was delicious. Zucchini Pasta. Highly recommended.Very filling)

(A HUGE favorite. Seared Scallops over Beans and Rice and Other Deliciousness)

(We didn't actually eat this, I just couldn't believe that there was a baby pineapple!)

There were obviously many other breakfast and lunch options that we loved (smoothies every morning, or toast with almond butter and fruit, and lunches were pita's, and enchiladas, and black bean tacos, and tuna salads.)

I should probably also add that we took multivitamins everyday and drank AT LEAST 64oz of water for old Dried up Daisy over here (me).

In other news, we went to the new City Creek Harmon's in SLC for our first time. I'm in love. It's like a city library for food.


  1. That baby pineapple? I NEED.
    I'd probably also benefit from eating healthy as well... How long have you been doing it?! Long time? Short time?

  2. Yes, the baby pineapple is great! I will be going back for it. We have been at it for a week and a half. We both are in love with it. The full diet plan is 30 days, and then hopefully you eat that way for life...right? Right??!!!

  3. I can't even visualize you two with any weight gain:) However...way to go. The food looks beautiful and has inspired me to get my act in gear, again...again...again.